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Quote of the Day

Action Item--Stop Arizona from Embracing the NPV

The Arizona Legislature is considering legislation to embrace the National Popular Vote and essentially doing away with the Electoral College set forth in the U.S. Constitution.  The Communist Party USA endorses the NPV; that should tell you all you need to know.

Contact Senate President Andy Biggs and Speaker of the House David Gowan and pass on your concerns:

Senator Biggs 602-926-4371;

Representative Gowan 602-926-3312

The bills in question are Senate Bill 1218 and House Bill 2456.  The Lobbyists are pushing hard on these...your voice can stop them.

Education Piece--Stop the National Popular Vote Scheme

The Unconstitutionality of the NPV: Compact Clause

Supporters of the NPV claim that because the Constitution gives state legislatures the power to determine how electors are chosen, the NPV is constitutional and requires no approval by Congress. Such claims, however, are specious. The NPV is unconstitutional because it would give a group of states with a majority of electoral votes “the power to overturn the explicit decision of the Framers against direct election. Since that power does not conform to the constitutional means of changing the original decisions of the framers, NPV could not be a legitimate innovation.”[17]

The Constitution’s Compact Clause provides that “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress…enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State.”[18] The Founders created the Compact Clause because they feared that compacting states would threaten the supremacy of the federal government in matters of foreign affairs and relations among the states.[19] If states could make agreements among themselves, they could damage the nation’s federalist structure. Populist states, for example, cannot agree to have their U.S. Senators vote to seat only one Senator from a less populous state.

The very purpose of this clause was to prevent a handful of states from combining to overturn an essential part of the constitutional design. The plain text makes it clear that all such state compacts must be approved by Congress.

By circumventing the checks and balances of Congress, the NPV would risk setting a precedent that states can validate non–congressionally approved compacts as a substitute for a constitutional amendment. Undoubtedly, many liberal activist groups would like to create their own compacts or to lobby states individually to join compacts. Such compacts could then create de facto constitutional amendments regarding many different public policy issues—including purely federal matters.

Read More about the NPV here

Tea Poll

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Tea Party Endorsement of Cruz

As national cordinator for the Linn County Tea Party In Cefar Rapis Iowa I voted in the national Tea Party Pool for President They stated that they would not deceice who to endorse based on vote…Continue

Started by dan lucore Feb 2.


Since the day our nation was founded, there have been two opposing forces at work against each other; on one side are those who want to conserve our founding principles, and on the other are those…Continue


Started by Duane Engdahl. Last reply by Greg Thornberg Jan 23.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) 1 Reply

At a Tea Party meeting where Sheriff Mack spoke a short time ago, I purchased a five-DVD set of the CSPOA Convention from 2013 which was held in St. Charles, Missouri.  The set is entitled "Erecting…Continue

Started by Karen Szatkowski. Last reply by Greg Thornberg Jan 23.

Impeachment 1 Reply

There has never been a time that a President needed to be removed from office more than now.  He is the #1 enemy of our republic.   Continue

Started by Scott T.. Last reply by Roy Patterson Dec 22, 2015.


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    The Greater Phoenix Tea Party is a non-partisan group of Americans dedicated to embracing their civic duty and becoming more active in the political process. Consisting of local groups around the area, we accomplish great things that could not otherwise be accomplished by one person.  We seek to increase our historical and civic knowledge, keep up to date on current issues, advocate adherence to the U.S. Constitution, demand recognition of state sovereignty, support free market principles, and learn about principled candidates/representatives who will adhere to these ideals regardless of their party affiliation.

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