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Stay Tuned for Greater Phoenix TP Statement on IRS

Education Piece--The Last Crusade

Conservatism Alone Cannot Win

Must read paper that details how the left operates and why Conservatism alone cannot win.  This essay was read by Mark Levin and was authored by John C. Wright.  This is one of the most profound assessments of the present circumstance in our country that you will ever read:

read here:

The Last Crusade: Rip Van Con

Tea Poll

Will the Republican Congress follow through on their repeal of Obamacare? free polls


McCain, Rubio and Romney support Antifa -- Pass the word

Pass this article along to all your conservative friends:…Continue

Tags: Obamacare, lies, treachery, GOP

Started by Jeff Dover Aug 18, 2017.

Arizona Immigration Update

Hope to see many old friends at this event.Continue

Started by Cigar Jul 19, 2017.

PHOENIXAZTPP: American 2nd Declaration of Causes (with Table of Contents) 2 Replies

If you are serious about taking about taking back our country, how about using this upcoming…Continue

Tags: School, Samuel, Scott, Second, Senate

Started by Don Mashak. Last reply by James Mapes Feb 7, 2017.

Gather for Final 2016 Presidential Debate?

Are any conservative radio stations hosting a gathering for the final presidential debate?  Anywhere we can gather to watch together, preferably over a beer or two?Continue

Started by Gilbert Patriot Oct 18, 2016.


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    The Greater Phoenix Tea Party is a non-partisan group of Americans dedicated to embracing their civic duty and becoming more active in the political process. Consisting of local groups around the area, we accomplish great things that could not otherwise be accomplished by one person.  We seek to increase our historical and civic knowledge, keep up to date on current issues, advocate adherence to the U.S. Constitution, demand recognition of state sovereignty, support free market principles, and learn about principled candidates/representatives who will adhere to these ideals regardless of their party affiliation.

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    Ronald Howard posted a blog post

    John (Dispicable Me) Kerry

    John “Despicable Me” KerryDISPICABLE: Deserving to be despised, worthless, and obnoxiousThe word “collusion” has been front page in America since 2016. I believe the majority of Americans now understand the word “collusion” best describes the deeds Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were involved in with the Deep State and the Russians, they were the real colluders. Obviously Muller has ignored truth and reality in support of an establishment.But it has recently become evident that another top…See More
    Apr 23
    Ronald Howard posted a blog post

    The Real man Crush:With the on again and off again blathering by the Dim’s, and our corrupt lame stream media, on how President Trump has some kind of political buddy relationship with Russian Presid…

    The Real man Crush:With the on again and off again blathering by the Dim’s, and our corrupt lame stream media, on how President Trump has some kind of political buddy relationship with Russian President Putin and how that fantasy fits in with their Trump Russia election collusion claim, is getting so boring it is hard to understand why those buffoons keep at it. Well folks the reason is, that’s all they got. However I think the time is long overdue to highlight some actual facts on how Obama…See More
    Apr 18
    Ronald Howard posted a blog post

    The Man Made Global Warming Scam

    The Man Made Global Warning ScamHere is some information that I feel should be critically relevant to the whole dammed discussion on “Global Warming” and “Climate Change.” I have never heard anyone seriously discuss the below information, I don’t know why. We are currently bombarded with endless hysterical entreaties from frenzied Democrat/Socialist politicians that due to “Man Made Climate Change” our world will be finished in just a few years. It has gotten so bad that loony Democrat Congress…See More
    Apr 8
    Ronald Howard posted a blog post

    The Malevollent Coup in the Swamp

    The Malevolent Coup inside the SwampHow did we arrive in the situation our country is now in? I believe we have been spiraling down into the abyss we now find ourselves in for decades, with the majority of us not even realizing how bad it was becoming. We now know. There are good men and women working in the various branches of our government. But far too many of our legislators in the D.C. Swamp have become ingrained “Establishment Politicians” avidly pursuing self-aggrandizing political…See More
    Apr 2

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