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West Valley Tea Party Patriots / Weekly Meeting

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West Valley Tea Party Patriots / Weekly Meeting

Time: April 14, 2010 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: Phoenix Fire Station #54
Street: 9820 W. Campbell Ave / So. of Camelback - W. of the 101
City/Town: Phoenix
Website or Map: http://<…
Phone: 602-843-9526
Event Type: weekly, meeting, /, discussion, action
Organized By: Charles McCain
Latest Activity: Apr 14, 2010

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Event Description

Come Join Patriots in the West Valley for stimulating conversation, planning, preparedness, education, and networking.
Note: Meeting for March - February 24
April Schedule:
4 / 7
4 / 14
4 / 28

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Comment by Moxie on March 31, 2010 at 11:12pm
Barack Obama is the best thing that has happened to America in the last 100 years. Truly, he is the savior of America's future. He is the best thing ever.

Despite the fact that he has some of the lowest approval ratings among recent presidents, history will see Barack Obama as the source of America's resurrection. Barack Obama has plunged the country into levels of debt that we could not have previously imagined; his efforts to nationalize health care have been met with fierce resistance nationwide; TARP bailouts and stimulus spending have shown little positive effect on the national economy; unemployment is unacceptably high and looks to remain that way for most of a decade; legacy entitlement programs have ballooned to unsustainable levels, and there is a seething anger in the populace.

That's why Barack Obama is such a good thing for America.

Obama is the symbol of a creeping liberalism that has infected our society like a cancer for the last 100 years. Just as Hitler is the face of fascism, Obama will go down in history as the face of unchecked liberalism. The cancer metastasized to the point where it could no longer be ignored.

Average Americans who have quietly gone about their lives, earning a paycheck, contributing to their favorite charities, going to high school football games on Friday night, spending their weekends at the beach or on hunting trips — they've gotten off the fence. They've woken up. There is a level of political activism in this country that we haven't seen since the American Revolution, and Barack Obama has been the catalyst that has sparked a restructuring of the American political and social consciousness.

Think of the crap we've slowly learned to tolerate over the past 50 years as liberalism sought to re-structure the America that was the symbol of freedom and liberty to all the people of the world. Immigration laws were ignored on the basis of compassion. Welfare policies encouraged irresponsibility, the fracturing of families, and a cycle of generations of dependency. Debt was regarded as a tonic to lubricate the economy. Our children left school having been taught that they are exceptional and special, while great numbers of them cannot perform basic functions of mathematics and literacy. Legislators decided that people could not be trusted to defend their own homes, and stripped citizens of their rights to own firearms. Productive members of society have been penalized with a heavy burden of taxes in order to support legions of do-nothings who loll around, reveling in their addictions, obesity, indolence, ignorance and “disabilities.” Criminals have been arrested and re-arrested, coddled and set free to pillage the citizenry yet again. Lawyers routinely extort fortunes from doctors, contractors and business people with dubious torts.

We slowly learned to tolerate these outrages, shaking our heads in disbelief, and we went on with our lives.

But Barack Obama has ripped the lid off a seething cauldron of dissatisfaction and unrest.

In the time of Barack Obama, Black Panther members stand outside polling places in black commando uniforms, slapping truncheons into their palms. ACORN — a taxpayer-supported organization — is given a role in taking the census, even after its members were caught on tape offering advice to set up child prostitution rings. A former Communist is given a paid government position in the White House as an advisor to the president. Auto companies are taken over by the government, and the auto workers' union — whose contracts are completely insupportable in any economic sense — is rewarded with a stake in the company. Government bails out Wall Street investment bankers and insurance companies, who pay their executives outrageous bonuses as thanks for the public support. Terrorists are read their Miranda rights and given free lawyers. And, despite overwhelming public disapproval, Barack Obama has pushed forward with a health care plan that would re-st
Comment by Alex Neff on March 28, 2010 at 9:58am
I just received this a few minutes ago and wanted to share. >=o)

A Lay-off letter from an excellent boss.

Dear Employees:

As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead.

This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go.

So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty 'Obama' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can't think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change...... I gave it to them.

I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.

Comment by Moxie on March 15, 2010 at 9:39pm
Thought I could make it, but not able. I did make calls to the reps. Wow! Mitchell's office! That one was rude!
Comment by Jimmy Easling on February 27, 2010 at 3:04pm
Sorry, I clicked on the wrong location. I am attending the NW valley meeting.
Comment by Brian Sear on February 23, 2010 at 11:42am
Dear Charlie,
Thank you for taking the time to share your vision for the Tea Party Movement and the difference it must make to return America to self reliance, limited constitutional government and free market capitalism. I look forward to attending the West Valley Meeting tomorrow. Brian Sear
Comment by Karen Szatkowski on February 19, 2010 at 11:28am
Sounds great, Charlie. The Scottsdale meeting was wonderful and very informative last night. Makes you realize how much you still don't know about what's going on. Is there a spot where you can go online to find out "who" is running for your Legislative District? Paul & I are LD10 but have no clue who is running, if anyone actually is.
Comment by Charles McCain on February 19, 2010 at 6:45am
Hi West Valley members. On the 24th of February, we will have Kim McCurtain attending, to speak about the state budget crisis. For a good representation, about how we got where we are financially in this state, this is a must attend meeting. Kim has a great, "understandable" presentation, and can clear some items up. I am also working with Rep. Carl Seel, to bring to all of the groups, a clear, simple budget fix for the state of Az. Of course, Carl's idea is so simple, that a large number of our elected officials, have little interest in it.
Also on the Agenda, will be an independant candidate, for the U.S.Senate race, Ian Gilyeat. We must show the country, that the Tea Party is open to all potential candidates, and that we really are non-partisan.
Comment by Anne Wojcik on February 17, 2010 at 5:20pm
Thanks Karen. I am looking for a Tea Party Meeting in the West Valley, closer to my home - I live in Peoria. Hope to see you soon.
Comment by Karen Szatkowski on February 17, 2010 at 10:29am
Anne, I just sent you a friend request! You are going to love the group, all you meet in the Greater Phoenix Tea Party groups. If you want to attend a meeting on Thursday, Scottsdale has a meeting & Paul & I are going!
Comment by Charles McCain on February 5, 2010 at 5:41am
Hi West Valley, Upcoming Schedule
We will not be able to use the Fire Station on Februaury the 10th,or the 17th.
Sorry I missed the meeting Wed. (3rd). I have been informed that the fire station is still unable to give us the room on our weekly basis. Please note the schedule below, for group meetings for the West Valley group.
February 10 - No meeting
February 17 - No meeting
February 24 - Regular meeting
Please mark your calendars, and I will update everybody of any changes. I am working with the Battalion station, to see why, since I assume the room is empty on the nights we are not meeting. I was informed, the March schedule, will not be available until the end of February, so it is important that we pay attention to the last minute postings. Sorry for the disruptions to our group. We have had a great impact on the continuing success of the Tea party, and I thank everybody involved. I would like to find an alternative place to meet. I miss the weekly event.
Thank You, my friends, for your support to this country. We are one of the greatest things happening, and we will continue to grow.

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