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2013 New Year’s Resolutions Provoked by Election 2012

Let us begin with best wishes to all of my readers in this New Year of 2013.

This writer has purposely not written much regarding politics since this past November 6th, 2012 to gain perspective on the best direction in which this Country should proceed.

After the election,
this writer was very disappointed when he heard the same old rhetoric, issues and political dogma once again emerge as the dominate manner of political discourse.

Further, regardless of who they voted for, a large number of voters were not happy with choices they had to select from for President and other offices. These choices were forced upon them by the Establishment of both major parties.

Liberty died a little bit more this year as both major political parties decided to abandon the Rule of Law and resurrect the political philosophy known as the Divine Right of Kings.

  1. In the Republican party, we saw the GOP Establishment stack the
    rules committee to pass rules that make grassroots participation even
    more difficult;
  2. In the Democratic Party, we saw the Democrat Establishment blatantly
    lie about the outcome of a vote regarding the mention of God and
    Jerusalem in their platform.

These two Un-American acts by both major political parties demonstrated to Americans of every political stripe that our political parties no longer represent us but rather manage us like livestock. When their duplicity fails, they resort to the philosophy of “Might makes Right”.

With so much money and power aligned against WE THE PEOPLE, it is difficult to know where to start. But start somewhere we must.

This writer has concluded that WE THE PEOPLE must take on the role in framing the issues of future elections instead of allowing the 2 major parties and the press to do so.

Further, WE THE PEOPLE must......

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Those were my thoughts.

In Closing:

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

Please join with me in mutually pledging to each other and our fellow citizens our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to our mutual endeavors of restoring liberty and economic opportunity to WE THE PEOPLE as our Founding Fathers envisioned and intended. [Last Paragraph, Declaration of Independence ]

This article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”

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Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot
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Critical Thinking Notice - This author advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not
passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective.

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