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This is why we need a new party to replace the GOP- or - we need rules adopted, immediately in the GOP, which provides for the immediate expulsion from that party of any party member elected to the US congress or White House who works or votes in opposition to a publicly available, detailed party platform.  If these men and women, who tell us that they believe in certain things, belonging to an organization which tells us what it believes,  follow up by betraying the trust we place in their hands based on their written statements and verbal utterances, should they be allowed to remain in that party’s good standing and remain on its committee seats in congress?  Should they receive the party’s support and funding for re-election?

No way.  It guarantees corruption, personal compromise and betrayal…and, isn’t that what we’re seeing?  Isn’t it what we have seen for the past 25 years?  Isn’t it time for that to end?  Isn’t it long past time for it to end?

Currently, if you can believe it, the subjects of illegal immigration and amnesty do not even appear in the GOP’s 2012 platform (!  So, I guess for the GOP, it isn’t even an issue!  (For that matter, look at what they do claim to support and champion, then count the bills introduced which address those issues. Don’t bother running for the calculator.)

We know better.  We’re seeing it played out now.  We need to send them a very, very strong message: allow this to pass in your House of Representatives and your party is over.

Let’s call ‘em and let ‘em know.


Jeff Dover

August 7, 2013

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