Let’s analyze Arizona’s SB1062.

Progressive New Left Activists have come out against this Bill now before Arizona’s governor. Their pusch claims it discriminates against LGBT’ers. Really?

What are some nflammatory words Progressive New Left Activists use? Discrimination, Civil Rights, Social Justice, Equality, Freedom, Individual Rights, Apartheid…same ones used by LGBT’ers and Illegal Alien Amnesty OH! Anybody noticed the large numbers of bussed in Union members at these rallies? YEP!

Dwindling union membership coupled with (LGBT’er) 0.05% of America’s population united to foist a secular society on all Americans.

What is really happening? See, civil rights are covered in US Constitution. What’s not covered is sex, performance of sex, outrageous displays of sexual acts, flaunting of sexual acts in private businesses, obligating same sex religious marriages, frontally attacking America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

See "civil rights" are delineated under 13th and 14th amendments of the Constitution and Bill of Rights they include: 

1) the right to due process, 

2)equal treatment under the law of all people regarding; 

a.enjoyment of life, liberty, property, and protection.

Furthermore, positive civil rights include: 

I.the right to vote, 

II.the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a democratic society, 

A.such as equal access to public schools,



D.public facilities, 

E.housing and 

F.equal and fair treatment by law enforcement and American courts.

LGBT’ers have now been treated exactly the same as America’s ethnic and racial minorities, individuals who identify themselves as homosexual, bisexual, or transsexual have all , individually or collectively, been able to benefit from any and all of these "civil rights"...UNRESTRAINED!!! Although Gay and Lesbian Rights groups have made advances toward changing perceptions in society(about LGBT sexual orientation), challenges in the courts have been only marginally successful precisely because of the 13th & 14th Amendments..

LGBT agenda is Francis Fox Pivens agenda. LGBT agenda is Van Jones’ agenda…remember: “Top down/Bottom up and then Inside Out!” Current LGBT agenda reads something out of “Das Kapital”(Labor theory of value as applied to LGBT’s struggle) and “Mein Kamph”(“My Struggle” and basis of National Socialism, where LGBT’er wish to take America). LGBT political activity is designed to decimate two items American:

1)US Constitution; 2) Religion. This is done by frontal attack on:1) Religion, 2)Education (books on masturbation), 3) Financial capitalism favoring a “collective” and 4) governance of America by one World Leader.See, America’s MORALITY and RELIGION are jointly under attack by Progressive New Left Activist organizers (read:LGBT'ers)..

Arizona’s governor MUST sign SB1062. Otherwise “LGBT’ers collective” gains ground in its continued quest towards making American Judeo-Christian Heritage irrelevant. Pray. Amen.

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Excellent article.  I fear we are losing our Proud Arizona to "MOB RULE."  Sad day when our own Governor along with some of our legislatures have forgotten what state they live in.  Defeated bills, SB1062, and now SB1310 show a lack of sensibility and apathy towards the needs of Arizona.  I hope someday these so-called leaders realized what they have done, unfortunately, probably will be to late, for our Proud state will have slipped away.

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