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For the past several years, this writer has been trying to make sense out of what is going on in America. To this writer's mind, the events and political discourse simply do not seem rational nor logical. This writer has spent a lot of time researching Natural Law(upon which our country is founded). This writer has also spent extensive time researching and understanding the Governance Doctrines of the Divine Right of Kings and Consent of the Governed(derived from Natural Law's Social Contract). And finally this writer researched and explored the Progressive Movement. Yet somehow, this writer was frustrated in understanding the disconnect between what he was taught about our government in Public Schools and the reality of our alleged Democratic Process.

Engineering Consent appears to be the missing piece of the puzzle. The featured video for this article (at bottom) rather laboriously explains the premise and concept of "Engineering Consent". But, in deference to shortage of time we all suffer from, this writer will attempt to succinctly explain the evil that is "Engineering Consent". (As this writer will often refer to the concept of "Engineering Consent" in his future writings, the writer urges the reader to learn and understand this concept so they may understand his future writings and the threat "Engineering Consent" represents to "free will, liberty and the Democratic Process.) Most importantly, this writer believes that this knowledge of "Engineering Consent" will help you better understand what is going on in America and give you the tools to resist being engineered by your government to give your consent to things which are detrimental to your own personal best interest. You can see a slightly different but corroborating perspective on Engineering Consent in these videos:

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The short version of Engineering Consent begins with some portion of the population believing they are smarter and more rational than the masses. These people who think and/or say they know better than the masses often refer to themselves as the Educated Elites. From this premise of alleged superiority, Educated Elites assert the conclusion that they have the right and duty to engineer the consent of the masses. That is to say, because Educated Elites assert that the masses are too stupid and irrational to know what best for them, Educated Elites assert they have the right and duty to manipulate the masses to accept whatever policy the Educated Elites deem to be in the best interests of the society.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Johanne Von Goethe

The Educated Elites believe they can Engineer Consent in a variety of ways, among them Indoctrination, Education, Conditioning and by exploiting base instinct and emotion(Edward Bernays) by creating Stress/Social Turmoil. Through these methods, Educated Elites believe they can remove from the masses the culture of "Rugged Individualism", "Competition", "Distrust of Government", "Limited Government", and "the Establishment of Truth by the individual using their own observations and reasoning". All of these being attributes that derive from Natural Law, Consent of the Governed and the Founding of our Country.


Before we talk further about Indoctrination, Education, Conditioning and exploiting base instinct and emotion(Edward Bernays) by creating Stress/Social Turmoil, lets briefly revisit the history of Establishing Truth in the Western World. Establishment of Truth refers to how a society determines truth from falsehood and forms its “Perspective of Reality”. Following the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476AD, the Governance Doctrine known as the Divine Right of Kings came to dominate the governments of the Western World. Divine Right of Kings asserted that the King/Queeen was a God or an emissary of God here on earth, and therefore no earthly-being could question his(her) authority or decisions. Under Divine Right of Kings, Truth was established by the King/Queen, often by simple declaration.(Think “World is flat” and “Earth center of Universe) And the King’s Established Truth was enforced through various social and economic sanctions and/or physical punishment(e.g. Home arrest of Galileo). The Divine Right of Kings Governance Doctrine prevailed in the Western World until near the end of the Enlightenment 1650AD-1800AD. (For the remainder of this article, the writer will refer to the supreme royal person as King, regardless of gender.)


The concepts of Natural Law and Natural Rights were reduced to writing during The Enlightenment. The United States of America is Founded upon


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Those were my thoughts.

In Closing:

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

If what is written here rings true to you, perhaps you should contact your local elected officials and let them know. If you are afraid of repercussions, snail mail it anonymously and ask them to respond in the local paper or their own monthly/quarterly internet newsletter. Even if this article refers to something outside you geographic area, it still likely applies to your location. Remember all those taxpayer training junkets we taxpayers send the bureaucrats on? They all learn the same “livestock management” techniques to use on WE THE PEOPLE.

And that leaves WE THE PEOPLE with this conundrum: While our #Government works full time with compensation and funded with our money for the cause of #Tyranny; WE THE PEOPLE are forced to work part time without compensation for the cause of #liberty with what is left over of our time, money and energy.

Finally, this article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I, Don Mashak, seek no leadership role. I, Don Mashak, seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”

Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot
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Critical Thinking Notice - This author, Don Mashak, advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author, Don Mashak,... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective.

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