House Bill 2301 lets qualified political parties opt to nominate candidates for elective office either by the current petition/primary method or by an application/caucus method administered by the party.            

This is a non-partisan bill and the motivation behind it is the restoration of Natural Right of Association. The current petition/primary method violates this Natural Right by allowing non-associates to mettle in the nominating process of political associations. In other words it forces the Democratic Party to include Independents, and Members of Unqualified 3rd Parties, and Unaffiliated Voters to participate in their nominating process, thus diluting their political interests. It does the same for the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, and any other qualified political party. This is not good!

Arizona House Bill 2301 started in LD-20 Republican Party, then was passed as a resolution by the Maricopa County Republican Party, then it passed as a resolution by the Arizona Republican Party. Since then it has passed in other LDs and Counties statewide.

The Legislative action has been spearheaded by Republican Representative Carl Seel of LD-20 and sponsored by Republican Representative Steve Smith of LD-11. So far it has passed the House Judicial Committee chaired by Republican Representative Eddie Farnsworth of LD-12 with the support of Republican Representatives Justin Pierce of LD-25, John Allen of LD-15, Doris Goodale of LD-05, Ethan Orr of LD-09.

Next the bill must pass the Rules Committee before going to the Floor for a vote. If you support this initiative, please contact the members of the Rules committee to encourage passage of this citizen originated bill to the Floor of the House for an up or down vote. They are Chairman Robson of LD-18, Vice Chairman Gray of LD-21, and Members Gowan of LD-14, Hale of LD-07, Mesnard of LD-17, Quezada of LD-29, Tobin of LD-01, and Wheeler of LD-10.  

If you want to become politically active, now is the time -- we are patriots and we need your help. .I am Duane Engdahl an ordinary patriotic citizen from LD-20 and chairman of a eight member committee of concerned citizens who seek nomination reform so as to improve the quality of elective office holders. Our committee would very much appreciate your comments and support for our initiative.  

Thank you.


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HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES HB HB 2301: technical correction; civil rights; restoration: Sponsors: Representative Smith


In any event – what is going to prevent registered non-partisan, undeclared or not recognized voters from registering as a Republican for the primary vote………………… Why have Independent voters surpassed Republicans?  

JPD, The bill is HB-2301 which was an amended to a "strike all" original bill.because there was not time to originate a bill under our title. But the bill is wholly valid this way and can proceed to legislation. In the event you suggested, sure citizens can re-register as republicans and that would not be bad. On your other point, Independents supress republicans because half of them break democrat and that tends to make the republican nominees more moderate than if the republicans would have nominated them without their interferrence. Thanks for your comments, Duane.


The “strike all” game – not enough time – why the need to rush, 2016 is a long way off? 

Half of Independents do not break left – nor do half break right – the majority don’t even vote in the primary where elections are decided in most cases.

BLUE REPUBLICAN will become a tsunami if this bill passes – just one more reason that drives voters to register Independent, non-partisan, undeclared or not recognized.    

Seems self destructing................  


The "silence game" I see - anyway this election cycle is in full swing so if it becomes law it will apply for 2016 not 2014. But rest assure the Independents will establish a party and continue to grow leaving the Republican's and Democrat's in the dust. Better yet a referendum by We The People will put the issue on the ballot to amend the Arizona Constitution.   

Title 13 is the criminal code. What gives, Duane?

JPD:  Think potus should be included in 2301?

2301 as you linked Mapes doesn't exist, it fell to "strike everything" where HCR 2011 was inserted.  

HB-2301 UPDATE -- The Caucus Bill HB-2301 has died for this legislative session because the House Rules Committee.did not put it on the agenda for consideration. The fact that the bill was a "strike-all" maybe had something to do with this but we will never know. Also incumbents are naturally hesitant for nomination reform and the Rules Committee is made up almost entirely of powerful incumbents. Thank you all for your support on this initiative and I also thank you who argued against this initiative because you helped us strengthen our arguments. We the Nomination Reform Committee will regroup and put forth another even stronger initiative next session and try harder to get more conservative support from constituents. If we can get this passed next session, that will still leave enough time to make a difference in the 2016 general election cycle. Duane


Yeah, but .... Do you?

JPD said:

2301 as you linked Mapes doesn't exist, it fell to "strike everything" where HCR 2011 was inserted.  

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