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What do you think of when someone mentions “conspiracy theorist”? Do you think of a well-balanced citizen pointing to a possible scenario we should look into, or, do you think of an off-kilter nut case using his half-developed brain improperly? Chances are it’s the latter description which comes to mind. Take a minute, and think about why this is what comes to mind… Is it because you’ve never heard of any person or persons conspiring against others? Is it because it’s something that people never do? Or is it because you’ve been conditioned by members of the media, pundits and other public figures to believe that, if you think or talk that way, you’ll be taken for some sort of wacko?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary online defines “conspire” as follows:

“1 a : to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement …”

In the affairs of nations great and small, have conspiracies ever occurred? That is, have highly placed members of the government ever conspired against other members of the government and the governed? A quick look at the history of England will provide the answer: Heads rolled with regularity during some reigns as the result of conspiracies and some reigns came about due to conspiracy. Later, highly placed members of the British government, for example Philby, Burgess and McLean were found to be Soviet spies.  They had conspired against their own country.  The history of Europe is a history of conspiracies of one sort or another. Ditto other regimes in history the world over. Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that “conspiring” is what people often do, especially where high political office is concerned.

So, tell me then, what makes it so difficult – or offbeat – to believe that in the world’s most wealthy, influential and powerful nation, conspiracies might occur at high levels of government? Or is it just that people, who either out of naiveté or their own part in a conspiracy, simply don't want to investigate certain possibilities? Why would people want to marginalize other people who suspect conspiracies, say, by calling them "Birthers", where conspiracies appear to be so common in history? Does anyone believe that the mainstream media are not in collusion with the Democrat Party, for example?

So you be the judge: Would it be “wrongful” for a powerful but small group of individuals in the GOP to use their power to ruin conservative contenders for the party’s presidential nomination for the express purpose of preventing any conservative from winning that nomination and going on to win the presidency? Would it be “wrongful” for that same little group to ensure the nomination of another, one who doesn’t even want the office? Would it be “wrongful” for the party leadership to focus on senatorial elections (knowing the presidential nominee didn’t want to win so probably wouldn’t) and then lose those elections? Would it be “wrongful” for the party’s leader in the GOP majority House of Representatives to talk about standing up to Obama but in the end, always, somehow, by some coincidence, delivering the main points of the president’s plans? By definition then, if it's "wrongful" for this small, powerful group of Republicans to do these things, could it be called a "conspiracy"? What can their goals be? Whose goals are they?

I don’t know if there are any conspiracies in our great nation at high levels of government and power…but there sure are a lot of coincidences.

Jeff Dover
December 27, 2012

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Excellent Post here.  For 20+ years I & others have been trying to wake those around us by sounding various warnings - with the typical results as indicated above.  I quit believing in coincidences in the late 60's, politicians and college professors in the 70's, bankers and government health experts in the 80's, and news media or enviromentalists in the 90's.

There's a remembered quote (attributed to "Mark Twain" I think) that goes - "History may not repeat itself exactly ... but it sure does rhyme well".  Just realize Conspiracies are nothing more than lie's yet uncovered - and all have a grain of truth.

I voted for Dr. Ron Paul as the ONLY choice we had that could have straightened out this country, and I wore my tinfoil hat (shaped like a Stetson) to do so.  Sadly, we must now pray daily for God to save us all from the dictator in office who won.

Sandy Hook in last Batman movie.

Every month my oldest brother and I have breakfast on a Saturday. He’s a diehard Republican, Rush, Levin, Fox News etc. fanatic, or at least he was.

About a month ago he looked up at me from across the table and said, “You were right Joe.”

“Right about what?”

Brother, “Ron Paul was the only one that could have saved our country.” I was floored…… where in the hell did this come from considering our many debates. Giving no reaction I told him that Paul wasn’t going anywhere.

Ron Paul had a lot of very good points and a few points that were difficult to understand.  Another option would be a party to replace the GOP.  This would be a party commanding strict discipline in the voting of those members elected to congress.  It would be the party itself which determined policy, not the people it sent to Washington.  In that way, and in my opinion, only in that way, can control be established over what happens in the party.  By "control" what I mean is that the GOP is about as far away from its own platform as it could be!  It tells us one thing at election time and delivers quite another.  In a replacement party, the party would demand that its members of congress strictly adhere to that platform it showed us all and remain true and accountable to the electorate which put them in office.  Should they stray from that, they would be expelled from the party.

Profiled your discussion on our main page.  Thank you.


A hypothesis or a conjecture put forth as a possible explanation of phenomena or relations, which serves as a basis of argument or experimentation to reach the truth; A guess that is not based on facts or evidence. 

A theory is only a theory when there is absolutely no evidence or proof to back it up.  Once a piece of evidence is found, minor as it may be, we no longer have a theory, it’s a probability.  As more and more evidence is found, the probability factor increases until we get to a point where the evidence is so overwhelming, the probability reaches 100% and it becomes a fact.

  None of the so-called "Conspiracy Theories" of today are guesses.  All of them are based on an abundance of evidence, some more than others.  But none are theories.  None of them.

They have worked exceptionally hard to condition people to put the two words together.."Conspiracy" and "Theory".  That's not the only conditioning they've done, but that's a different conversation altogether.

This implies that no conspiracies can ever be true...  Hello?  This entire country operates via one conspiracy after another.  Nothing is how most people conceive it to be.  For example, most people think that the FDA exists to protect the consumer.  They have no idea who started the FDA and why.  They also have been conditioned to think that the American Medical Association is a membership which guarantees the utmost integrity in medical care, and was put in place to benefit the patients served by the medical community.  And they assume that the World Health Organization is about promoting better health around the world.  The list goes on.  They hear the words "Defense Budget" and assume it's the amount of money being spent on our troops, and cuts would mean less for our military... They never bother to read the DARPA Line Item Budgets, because if they did, they would realize that billions of dollars are being spent on sick disgusting ventures such as the development of Bio Weapons and Viruses, Microwave Towers that can wipe out populations of people, and survellience mechanisms that are mind boggling.  All in the name of defense.  But what is most important, is that these things are all being used here at home.  We are the intended enemy, and we are paying billions of dollars to fund things that are destroying us.  Fact is, John D. Rockefeller started the FDA back in the early 1900s, to guarantee that NO substance would be allowed to enter the United States that he would not make a profit on.  If the substance could not be patented, then it would be made illegal.  Rockefeller had the monopoly on the petroleum/pharma industry then, and nothing has changed.  The FDA is corrupt.  It is controlled by the same freaks that run Monsanto, and they have NO interest in protecting you and I.  The AMA was also started by Rockefeller, to ensure that only HIS pharmaceuticals were used throughout the medical industry, and to ensure that Doctors were trained to do what was in their best interest.    The WHO, also started by the same dynasty, is a faction of the UN, and is responsible for controlling the world's population and distributing toxic vaccines, while posing as a pro health organization by the cute name.  Anything name World XX, is usually Rockefeller based and Luciferian based.  The CDC is simply a mouth piece for the WHO, and announces what it's told to announce.  They don't cure disease, they don't have any ability to help anyone or make any advances in medical technology.  They are simply a mouthpiece to fill the world with hoaxes about new  "flu" strains that are in fact created and distributed by the WHO and their counterparts. 

Other "conspiracies"??? Let's see, National Elections - complete hoax. Fast and Furious, the Govt.'s Illegal Drug Empire, 911, Benghazi, and last but certainly not least, GEOENGINEERING.  Call it what you want...chemtrails, whatever.  It is happening right in front of people's faces, and they are too stupid to see it.  I can prove this one standing on my head, and have more lab tests and documents and verification from NASA and the DOD than can fit on my hard drive.  They are committing global genocide right out in the open, and anyone who hasn't figured it out by now is a lost cause.  

WOW - Carly - You Rock - Good on Ya!  I agree with EVERY scheme you've exposed above - all ARE verifiable now. 

To back up this post response , folks should net search this article from back in 2010 as well ...

"33 Conspiracy Theories - THAT TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE"

It's because of people like Mark Williams, former Tea Party Express Chairman and Shill for the Establishment.... listen to this: Jim Sharpe Podcast&tra=Jan 4th 2013 6am Hour

6 Min & 20 Seconds into the show, Dave from Florence started making some great points on how our Gov't is shutting down small business..... Mr. Williams exposed his true self during this diatribe. Williams started making fun of Dave from Florence as if he was a complete idiot... And this is the guy that was the head of the Tea Party Express?! You can see another side to Mr. Williams by going to his website Here he try to portrait himself as a sincere guy.... Despicable.

Hey Mark,

The shills are usually easy to spot because the very things they advocate give them away, especially when they attempt to steer people away from meaningful changes. 

As for "conspiracy theories", I love the people who decry them saying "where's the proof"?


Any conspiracy theory is a speculation based on appearances.  If there was "proof", it wouldn't be a "theory", it would be a fact!

And as soon as we force our government to UN-seal JFKs assasination records (50 years was it?) ahhh, that would be like THIS YEAR - then I guess we'll get to put that old timey "conspiracy theory" to bed. 

Because our government is gonna GIVE US our "proof" - right?




Per Author - William E. Kelly, Jr's article - "Why It’s Important to Release the JFK Assassination Records Now"

" ...The great debate on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy is not between Conspiracy Theorists and Lone Nutters as expected, it is over the release of the remaining still secret records that the government refuses to open to the public.

While all of the withheld records are scheduled to be released in 2017, the CIA and other agencies are expected to ask the President to continue to withhold them, possibly forever, or at least in our lifetime, and the President is expected to comply, unless he is convinced to release them now.
When I asked Marion Johnson, the archivist once responsible for the JFK records, why the House Select Committee on Assassination (HSCA) records were withheld for 50 years, and not 25 or 100, he said that that 50 years was the estimated amount of time that those persons mentioned in the records would be dead. If they are dead then they are unable to be embarrassed, or answer questions."

Not!  Here's where you are mistaken.  There is substantial proof to substantiate many of these so called conspiracy theories, which makes them NOT theories.  People just refuse to look at the evidence, and the perpetrators work tirelessly to bury it.  911 for example.  The only theory with absolutely no supporting evidence to back it up, is the claim that terrorists did it.  It's asinine when you really dig into the facts.  There is massive evidence to prove otherwise, and until America comes to grips with it, nothing will ever change.  All you have to do is follow the money.  I did this in 2004 and everything I found is fact, not opinion or speculation.  Nobody wants to hear it out of fear I guess.  It's hard to deal with knowing that your entire world is a lie, and that your own government is capable of this.  It's really hard to imagine that anyone could do this.  Kill thousands of people for an agenda.  But until people realize what these people are capable of, they will never understand how things work.  There are not 2 parties of Govt.  That is all a show too.

There is one team, with the same owners and managers.  Well, there are two teams, and the other team is "We the People", but we don't get to play in the games.  We are forced to forfeit all the games and sit in the stands buying programs, while their team splits into 2 teams (shirts and skins/red shirts/ blue shirts) and plays against each other. They have to make it look like a real game, or the fans will revolt, because they think that one of these teams represents them, which is a total lie.  So they fight, act aggressive towards each other, and talk crap about the other side, but it's just a show.  
How do you think the country would react if they found out that the 49rs didn't really play in this year's superbowl?  Baltimore kidnapped the 49rs,  tied them all up, stole their uniforms, and pretended to be them on the field.?  I know, not possible since they show their faces on camera, but just say it was.  This country would blow a gasket.
Well, that's what's going on in the USA, and the managers and owners aren't even known to the public.

Jeff Dover said:

Hey Mark,

The shills are usually easy to spot because the very things they advocate give them away, especially when they attempt to steer people away from meaningful changes. 

As for "conspiracy theories", I love the people who decry them saying "where's the proof"?


Any conspiracy theory is a speculation based on appearances.  If there was "proof", it wouldn't be a "theory", it would be a fact!

Here's my 911 report, if anyone is interested.  Only a couple of pages, so why not just look it over.

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