I just wrote an email to my Phoenix City Councilman. This to me, is an effort by our Council Members or the Arizona Republic to curtail negative statements to our public officials. After I wrote it, this is the message that came up:


Submission Verification

Please be advised that a copy of this message will simultaneously be sent to the Arizona Republic pursuant to a public records request for copies of all e-mails sent to the Phoenix Mayor and Councilmembers. Additionally, once sent, the entire content of your e-mail (including your e-mail address) is a public record that may become part of future public records requests.
If you decide not to send this e-mail, simply close this window.
If you decide not to send this e-mail, but still wish to contact the Mayor or Councilmembers, please call 602-262-7029 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for live assistance or to leave a voicemail after business hours.

If you wish to proceed, please verify the information below. If you need to make changes, use the Back button to return to the e-mail form, make the needed changes, and then press the Submit button again. When you are satisfied with your e-mail message, press the Send button. Thank you.

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I DO NOT WANT a left leaning newspaper reading my emails; so of course I did not send my email. But I did take the time to call in my opposition to increasing city employee compensation and raising taxes rather than cutting expenditures.



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We were informed at a past 4th of July event held at Indian Steel Park that we needed to go to the "free speech zone" if we wanted to display signs of protest to the illegal alien invasion. This crap has to stop, NOW!


I am one of those at fault. Over the years we have allowed these people to fly under the radar. Now we are paying the price. However, we need to keep our nose to the grindstone and do what we can to correct this. When I read the constitution, I don't recall freedom of speech as being in designated areas only. Maybe next time we should ask Nancy Pelosi if we can get a "waiver."

send faxes

There is no such thing as a "free speech zone".  All of this country is a free speech zone, and if the illegals don't like it they know how to get back to their homeland. Bye!

Same thing happened to me.

And naturally no council member replies. My email was the budget deficit is eerily similar to the cost of running the first 20 miles of Light Rail, which is $35 million a year. Budget deficit, $39 million a year.

Council woman was gushing about how wonderful running LR to south Phoenix would be. Answer, horrendously expensive and inefficient. $90 million per mile to build, will buy 120 NEW BUSES.

Go to mesawatch.com to read analysis of Light Rail.

Joe Price


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