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Get rid of tax-exempt status for all non-profit groups involved in politics

I personally think they should get rid of the tax-exempt status for all groups involved with political issues so we don't have to give tax-exempt status to some and not others.  Why should the IRS get bogged down in trying to find out if a group is spending 49 percent of its time on politics and 51 percent on "social welfare," or vice versa?  To me, if you're engaging in politics -- liberal, moderate or conservative -- than you don't deserve non-profit status.  After all, didn't Dick Armey sell his tea party association for something like $8 million? That's a lot of "non-profit" money.

But don't get me wrong.  If the IRS is targeting groups whose policies differ from the president that's an abuse of power and should warrant a special prosecutor to find out who ordered it.  I heard on Dennis Prager's show that the former head of the IRS (appointed by Bush) visited the White House 159 times during Obama's time in office, while he only went once when Bush was in office. It begs the question of whether it was part of his job or he was using the White House as a second home.

Brent Fine


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Not at all.  When I think of non-profit I think of philanthropic and civic groups, not solar power.  Fraternal Order of Police, Elks Club, YMCA, churches, social clubs etc.  Groups that are not involved in politics, but are true "social welfare" groups, which after-all is what the original intent of non-profit status was meant to do.  Where we have crossed the line is that groups that might have intended when they started to promote "social welfare" in the groups' minds -- Sierra Club, big-time unions, NAACP, Tea Party, etc. -- have morphed into political organizations that are all about pushing their agenda through the political process and getting big donors (now anonymous) to back candidates to push their agenda.  I believe social welfare groups should receive tax benefits, but political groups that stand to benefit (monetarily and otherwise) should not get tax-free status, which then enables them to get all these tax-deductible donations.  Maybe the solution is to get rid of all non-profit statuses, but I don't think that will wash.  Arts groups, churches, you name it will fight it tooth and nail.


Thank you for your gentle explanation.

Again, the IRS offered tax-exempt status to tea party groups. In my opinion, tea party groups are not in the same category as Sierra Club, big-time unions, NAACP. We are small, local grassroots citizens giving our time and energy to make a positive difference. I believe the 501c4 requires we not support candidates. PAC's are different. Have a good week.

I'll have to check into that. But the donors can remain anonymous and exploit the political system, and the groups they are supporting are receiving non-profit tax status, which has to be worth something or the group wouldn't be applying for it.

"Just because a group engages in the practice of educating the citizens on the political process and what is happening within their government does not mean that they are engaging in political activities."

Give me a break.  Educating citizens on the "political process" and "what is happening within their govt." is not political?  From whose perspective is your group educating what is happening within their govt or how the political process works?  Are you explaining all sides of an issue like an educator "should," if he/she is truly an educator. I'd say right now the political process is not working bec.of the polarization of the parties, who in my opinion have ruined the political process in their zeal to increase their power and prestige.

The Tea Party groups have a political bent to begin with bec everyone who has run as a "Tea Party" candidate is a Republican.  The Tea Party groups are talked about all the time of backing certain candidates who will run to the right of the existing Republican in office if that person doesn't behold to the Tea Party's philosophy.  Your group may not "officially" back a candidate, but there is a wink and a nod of who is going to get their votes.

Now I'm getting a little away from my original message, which again is to say why use govt. resources to have to figure out which group is non-profit and which one is?  Anytime there is a subjective decision involved, you're going to get these type of problems.  Originally, the 501c4 was only meant for social welfare groups and there was no political test. When the law or definition was changed to whether a group uses a majority of their time on political activities, then you bring in a subjective judgment, which leads to all types of problems.  Get rid of all non-profit statuses for groups that engage in any political activity and I believe it will go along way to solving this issue and the waste of time and govt. resources.  Neither side of the political spectrum should be able to use the tax code to further their political interests.

I have an idea let's put FAIR HONEST consumption tax and eliminate and END all unconstitutional income taxes, Why penalize workers? Then the IRS is Gone and can't waste any more of our money

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