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Phoenix, AZ (10/28/2012) The improbable candidacy of Ron Harders, who is running against Mary Rose Wilcox for county supervisor in District 5, may not be so improbable, after all. Harders reports he may be seeing signs of a groundswell of resentment against Wilcox that has voters choosing him partly because he isn’t Wilcox. "I think a lot of people were as angry as I was when Wilcox filed that $4.75 million suit against the county taxpayers," Harders said. "And they're still angry. The

$975,000 settlement award was the last straw for me. That's when I decided to launch my campaign."

If what we’re seeing are signs of an “anybody-but-Wilcox” election, then a rude surprise could be in store for the 20-year incumbent, this year.


Harders did receiv e imp res s iv e pos itiv e reactions from his f irs t in-pers on campa ig n    ev ent. On Saturday, he joined about thirty supporters to wave campaign signs at the intersection  of 7th St. and Southern Ave., between 10:10 and 11:10a.m. "Every time the light turned red, about three cars beeped their horns at us, sometimes all three at once," Harders said. In the space of an hour, about 100 drivers sounded their horns when they saw the campaign signs. In that same period, about 10 to 12 drivers, possibly Wilcox supporters, shouted insults from their car windows.


Two early voters, who came as friends of one member of the Harders group, also approached Harders to tell him they had just voted for him. "They said they had not known about my candidacy," Harders explained. "They told me they were very glad to see another name on the ballot, as an alternative to Mary Rose Wilcox, and they voted for me."


Harders says he is running "because it's time to retire Mary Rose Wilcox to civilian life, where she  can't cost the taxpayers any more money." He stresses that his business background and skills as an accountant, financial auditor, and computer analyst will make him a valuable addition to the Board of Supervisors. "I sincerely want to end the culture of conflict that Mary Rose Wilcox has brought to the board and to work with the board to re-establish a culture of civility and professionalism.




Ron Harders has enjoyed a decades-long career as a businessman, accountant, financial auditor, and computer analyst. He is an Air Force veteran who served as a Russian-language specialist, a job that required a top-secret security clearance. His college degree is in accounting. Harders became active in politics after moving to Arizona in 2003.

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