Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.

Every despot has their cabal of "enablers" and this administration isn't any different. Having successfully cobbled together an assortment of "willing enablers"  kow-towing to every whim, wish and directive from any one and/or all of Obama's administration officials as a means of receiving preferential treatment in their respective fields (Energy, Data Mining, Education, Finance and even Governance)now are learning how a "worm turns" and swiftly...example, Amazon's case vs. POTUS.

This "law suit," by, is most prophetic. See, Tyrannical dictators will use any one thing, any means and any excuse to further their "pogroms," agendas and remaking of any countries institutions into their tyrannical image and ideals. There are stories, historic empires and crazed megalomaniacs having done exactly this. For example, let's examine "Soviet Union's Bolshevik Revolution!" All splinter groups, small organizations, unorganized handfuls of dissidents, political disaffected "intelligentsia" and rabble rousers were cobbled together into one cohesive force to overthrow existing authority and install Stalin's 50 year old system of oppression and slavery of a populace (Trotsky's followers were assassinated). Happened in 1920's Germany, Mao's China, Pol-Pot's Cambodia, Japan, Cuba!!!! The list is extensive...of importance, is the single, major important fact...all of any repressive regime's enabling groups (once a tyrannical dictatorship was firmly installed and in control) ALL enablers were quite literally, "thrown under the bus!" USA's Amazon and ALL IT executives, having become "chummy" with Mr. Obama's "Hope and Change" with "Transformation" will also be "thrown under the bus." This lawsuit is proof positive, "enablers of POTUS" have served their usefulness and are now being "put out to pasture." American "enablers" of POTUS should count their lucky stars they're in America. Any other nation, these USA "enablers" would be shot, hung, hidden in some cell somewhere (North Korea's Camp 14) or just tossed out to sea in some body bag. This administration is the single, largest international criminal organization yet to occupy and set foot in Washington DC. Pray. Amen. God Bless America.

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