Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.

There has never been a time that a President needed to be removed from office more than now.  He is the #1 enemy of our republic.   

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We don't have a two party system in this country anymore. We haven't for over a decade. The last vote on Obama's budget proved that. Ryan and the so-called Republicans gave Obama everything he wanted and even more. They even continued federal funding for the killers of Planned Parenthood. Obama may be enemy #1 but Paul Ryan and most of the so called Republicans are Enemy #2. These fools told us if only you will give us control of Congress we'll stop Obama wrecking this country. Obama did even more damage to our country after the Repubs. had control of congress than he did before.

In my view the last two Presidential Elections were straw, show elections to make sure Obama was elected and re-elected.

Along comes Donald Trump with his own money running for President. This upset the "Good Old Boys" that fund these elections. Here is some we can't control. The stage was set for another straw, show election between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush with Hillary winning in a close race. The people that fund these elections don't really care who wins Clinton or Bush. Now with Trump in the race and leading in the poles. The GOP, the Dems and News Media are all out to stop Trump. They problem they are having is that finally a large number of sheep voters are awake and see what's going on.

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