Let's examine this lack of enforcement of existing Immigration Laws already on the books and what this means for the future of Our USA, children and grand children and generations to come. First we must acknowledge the "open Borders" faction in the USA has advertised heavily in most central american countries, this administrations Executive Orders allowing a fast track to citizenship and "anchor baby" status. This is fact.
Now, what does this mean for future employment of natural born european Americans today and in the future? Has anybody noticed the overwhelming presence of Hispanics and Latinos in certain industries and no so in others? Why is this and what explains this overwhelming lopsidedness?
Well, let's examine any candidate for employment's interview with any Human Resource representative both having a hispanic or latino family name. Then let's examine both their backgrounds, family history and if they were educated and trained in the USA. Then let's examine where both Human Resource interviewer and employment candidate learned, applied and perfected their chosen field's skills, enabling both to be candidates for any employment opportunities in the USA. Having completed this background examination of both Hispanic or Latino Human Resource representative's background AND hispanic or latino candidate for employment's background we find a great deal of "synergy" and sameness. A caucasian candidate vying for that particular slot in any industries employment opportunity doesn't have a chance of sameness or "synergy" as do Hispanic or Latino candidates having had exactly the same experiences in crossing any American border, family living in desperate conditions, relatives back in any Latin American (or Central American) country's miserable existences...And have no command of Spanish idiom. So, who gets hired? YES! You guessed correctly! This explains the growing uneven distribution of hispanic and latino presences in certain industries while others are slowly showing signs of similar numeric rises. Eventually, caucasian, natural born european american families will be overwhelmed (just numerically) by an overwhelming (Spanish speaking) hispanic or latino presence in America's Labor force. Enter current American Southern Border "CRISIS.' Where does one think these newly minted illegal American citizens will end up at? YEP, YOU GUESSED IT! (Miami, anybody? Or Miami's International Airport? Or even "Little Cuba!" Or Pico Rivera In Los Angeles).The future of these United States is bleak and murky if "Rule of Law" is tossed by the way side...as it has in this small example. Pray. Amen. God Bless America that was. Let's all join a Tea Party. Register to vote and vote. Otherwise, kiss America goodbye! Sorry for this rant.

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Posting same "rant" twice.. 2 times.... knocked off another opinion by a TEA party member.

Accident? Or are you just selfish? 

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