Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.


We are a group of people from a some states around the country who are trying to send a strong message to our elected representatives that we are unhappy, we are here, and we are united in wanting to preserve our freedoms.  Too many times our letters, phone calls, e-mails to our elected representatives make no difference because they are not listening to us.  But would they dare to ignore us if the entire country was awash in flags, placards, and people who are sending the message to them that we will no longer be ignored? 


We are asking that you copy our mission statement (below) and pass it on to everyone you know.  If you know someone who can get media attention please send it to them.  United we have a chance to make a change in the way our representatives do our business.

If you  can help, feel free to add your e-mail to the ones at the end of our mission statement.




The purpose is to let politicians know that we believe in the freedoms and Constitution of our country and we expect THEM to uphold their oath of office!

If you agree that we are rapidly losing our freedoms, and that many politicians no longer abide by and uphold our constitution, join with others On August 17th by placing a flag (any size) and/or a sign out in your yard, in your window.  Whatever works for you. If you can, at 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time so we are all in synchronization, join with others in a show of solidarity all across our country by taking your flag and/or a sign and stand (sit if you can’t stand) along the main road in your city, along your country road, gather in one place, or whatever works for your state or city. Travelling?  Fly a flag from your car, or attach a flag to your suitcase, back-pack, purse, hat, or whatever. When your hour is over take a flag with you wherever you go, or put it out in front of your house again. The point is to get the attention of our lawmakers and the news media and let them know that we are not happy with the way they do our business, and they need to start paying attention to us.

This is a non-partisan endeavor so we respectfully ask you to be sensitive to others who might not hold the same opinion as you hold.  Our country has become divided, but if we stand united in demanding respect for our Constitution and the many freedoms and opportunities it guarantees to ALL Americans, we can begin to solve some of our many problems – and, more important, keep our freedom.

“Our Country comes first and United We Will Stand.

Details and suggestions for participation:

Fly your flag at Home or on your car.

Carry A small flag in your hand or purse wherever you go.

Set up LET FREEDOM RING rallies in your towns.

Be creative. That is what made this country great.

Remember to keep it non-partisan. Our United States comes first.

If you are as fed up with politics as usual you can use the above to let others know about this rally and get involved in your community to help organize. Contact information:,,

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