When I look at all the activity on Tea Party sites and then see how the political landscape remains the same, it’s clear that we’re not effective. Many Tea Party organizations seem to be only a forum featuring the same old gripe sessions with the same old gripes: Obama’s turning us into a socialist, communist, authoritarian, Fascist or other type of nation; he’s killing the economy; he’s spying on citizens and keeping enemies lists; he’s running operations against his own country and all the rest of it – and it’s all true. Then there’s the “Boehner’s a traitor” dialogue. Boehner’s this, that or the other thing, none of it good. Ditto McCain, Graham, the New England senators and , heck, you know the rest because you see it in print and read it every day, day in and day out – and it’s all true. Breitbart, Fox, CNSnews, Drudge, Daily Caller and a host of other sites we know which bypass the mainstream media give us the updates on the daily outrages. Rush, Hannity and their wannabes keep it all alive on AM radio across the nation day and night – and it’s all true.

The info from this alternative media, the dialogue and the networking the Tea Party sites provide is terrific and vital, but...we’re not drawing conclusions and then doing anything about it. We’re paralyzed. At least, we’re not doing the obvious thing…

What’s the obvious thing to do?

Form a party to replace the GOP!

This is all happening because of the GOP, the Republican Party establishment. There’s no other reason for it. The Democrats are who they are and they aren’t going to change. However, we can control our side. Yet, with the opportunities when the GOP held power a few years back and with the opportunities since they took the House majority, what conservative action has this party accomplished? I mean accomplished, not spoken about. Since 1994 what conservative legislation have they won which still stands? What government agencies have they cut? Where have they reeled in regulations? Have you ever heard a senior Republican call a Democrat the things that Establishment figures called Sarah Palin? Ever hear failed presidential candidate Senator McCain call Democrats out, accusing them of racism or any of the things that get hurled at us by Democrats? What about senate minority leader McConnell? It doesn’t happen. They save all their vitriol, all their outrage for conservative Republicans. For those few of you who missed it, that destructive aggression against members of their own party was front and center during the GOP presidential primaries last year. The GOP leadership also helped to pummel conservatives by getting their surrogates in the press to do their dirty work. Can you imagine otherwise why Candy Crowley would be permitted to be involved in Republican primary debates, or any other of the liberal talking heads? And why not Rush Limbaugh, David Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Mark Stein, Ann Coulter, Walter Williams, Hannity or any of many, many conservatives, intellectual or otherwise? All these GOP leaders can come up with is Candy Crowley and people like her? There’s a reason for that… When the GOP leadership enables Democrats (by failing to stop them or by voting with them in enough numbers to ensure the bill passes) and bashes conservatives, ladies and gentlemen…isn’t there a clear, even very clear message there?

So why are we paralyzed? Why haven’t we replaced the GOP? There are several reasons, but here are the two main reasons: People who want to maintain the status quo, those who like what’s going on now and merely pose as “conservatives” tell us “third parties always lose”. Well, no, they don’t. The GOP was a third party which started up in 1854 when the nation was as divided on slavery as it is divided today on other issues. In six years, they had replaced the Whig party and had a president in the White House. That’s not failure! Like today, they had both numbers and a valid reason to found the new party: the Whigs weren’t strong enough in their anti-slavery stance.

The other reason these “conventional wisdom” slingers tell us we can’t form a new party is that “we’ll split the vote!” OMG, not that!!!! (Ladies and gents, looking at our political landscape, what difference would it matter if it was “split”? The Democrats win anyway. They even won when we had the House, Senate and White House!). Even so, with the new party and its commitment to conservative values, it’s doubtful that the votes would be split. Conservatives would likely win. The new party would replace the GOP, which would then wither away as the Whigs did. However, even if the vote actually did split somehow, and yet a new party got off the ground which replaced the GOP, it would still be a win because we know that if we fail to replace the GOP, we can only expect more of the same: more losses, more double-talk, more legislative thrashings. The Establishment and their surrogates have been using fear to keep us in line, yet having established that new party, we would certainly prevail in the next round of elections. Here’s why…

A 2012 Pew Research Poll says that 66% of registered Republicans identify themselves as conservatives. Gallup’s 2012 poll shows that 71% call themselves “conservatives”. A year or so ago there were approximately 55 million registered Republicans. That’s anywhere from 36-39 million upset Republican voters. Of course this doesn’t count the Independents. Following last year’s pathetic election campaign show, I re-registered as an Independent. It seems that most Independents are also “conservatives”, perhaps in a like or higher percentage than those among registered Republicans. Finally, take a look at the approval ratings for congress in general: it’s a bleak picture. Republican voters are not happy with their choices.

RINOs know they can – and do – routinely lie to us and remain in office as they also remain in good standing with the party. Ever notice how just enough of them defect, voting with Democrats at important junctures, to get the big issue to go the Democrats’ way? It’s a calculation. They can decide who is safe enough in their district to make such a vote and get re-elected in spite of it. The rest vote with the party platform, but still, because of the few, the Democrats win the day. As for those who voted with the Democrats, they know that come election time, when we’re faced with voting for them or the Democrat challenger, we’ll vote for them. So, what good is a party platform – the statements we rely on when we go to the polls – when members of that party can vote in opposition to it without consequence?

Speaker of the House Boehner hosted a closed-door meeting with Republican congressmen recently on the amnesty bill. I strongly suspect it was to make just such a calculation. That is, that they were trying to find out who could safely vote with the Democrats on the Amnesty Bill, guaranteeing its passage, while the rest voted against. Why else would the meeting have been “behind closed doors”? Who are they keeping the content of the discussion from? Democrat congressmen? What would it matter if they heard it? It won’t change how anyone votes. Is it a matter of national security? No. Then who are they keeping the discussion from? Whose ears is it not meant for? It’s you and me who are not supposed to hear the talk! It is we Republican voters who they want to be sure don’t hear the conversation. How do you like your party now?

We often think of our elected officials as responsible to us. Really? How are they responsible? How do you explain McCain, Rubio, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, the two Bush presidents (“read my lips…”) and others past and present? They are not at all answerable to us. We’re told “you can vote them out” and yes, that’s true. The reality, however, is that the Establishment circles the wagons around such people and sends in extra money to defeat conservative primary challengers. (slightly different context, but didn’t we just see that money pour in for former lobbyist and RINO congressman Jeff Flake in order to defeat conservative challenger Will Cardon?) Having defeated the conservative primary challenger we’re stuck with voting to (re)elect them or voting for the Democrat. In the case of senators, in for six years, a lot of people forget just how bad they were over that time and the money coming in at election time takes care of the rest. That’s not enough to make people truly accountable. Let’s make it so they are truly accountable, now – without waiting for the next election and its results.

The new party – call it the New Founders Party – will have rules with teeth. Here is the main one: the party sets the national agenda and puts it in print at campaign time. Its candidates campaign on that agenda and sign a publicly available pledge to maintain and uphold that agenda. If they attain office and then fail to honor that pledge – say, turning around on Amnesty or the Farm Bill and voting with Democrats for example– they are immediately expelled from the party, no second chances, no re-admittance as a candidate. Of course, they would remain in office for the rest of their term, but they would lose their committee seats and their chances of re-election would be slim to none. What we would end up with would be people who we could count on to vote the way we would want them to vote, the way they led us to believe that they would vote when they asked us to put them in office. Now they work for us! Now they are answerable! Now they are accountable to us!

Who among us does whatever he wants at work for his paycheck, from top corporate executives in Fortune 500 companies to people doing manual day labor? If we don’t do what we are told and deliver the service we were hired to perform, we are fired! Why should congress be any different? There is no valid reason. This idea for a new party is such a simple idea, one wonders how we ever allowed ourselves to get to this point. Yet here we are. Is our plan to simply lay down and let the Democrats, the unions, the RINO leadership and their lobbies run us over and steal our nation for themselves while we stand around griping about it? Or are you willing to change your thinking and act in the formation of a party to replace the GOP? It’s up to us. Waiting for the GOP or listening to them is a waste of time. If they were going to change, it would have happened long ago. Haven’t we listened long enough? Haven’t we played Charlie Brown to their Lucy, having the football yanked away at the last minute, leaving us heaving on our backs – haven’t we played that role long enough? Haven’t we held our noses and tried to quiet our stomachs when we voted yet again for a GOP senator only because we thought of him or her as the lesser of two evils? Hasn’t that gone on long enough? Have we failed to understand the message of the 2012 GOP presidential primaries? When you hear Republican leaders tell us what they are going to do, simply put, how on Earth can you any longer believe them? Are they even talking about doing what needs to be done? Unfortunately the answer to both is a resounding “no!”

The Boston Tea Party and the men who took part in it were the agents of change who went on, unafraid, to fight and defeat the King of England and found the United States. Our fight is a different fight, but the stakes are the same: freedom, liberty and the guiding precepts of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. We call ourselves “Tea Party”. Let’s act “Tea Party”. Let’s be those agents of change. Let’s do what we know in our hearts is required and found a new party dedicated to winning for everyone, but especially, to winning that which is right and correct for a free people.

Jeff Dover
July 17, 2013

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I have lost confidence in the GOP party,  if they can protect themselves from Obamacare, and hang us out to dry, this is not for me or for anyone.  Admit it, we only have one party up there and they are having a good time on our taxes, we cannot trust them, and if we elect new candidates I fear they will submit to the corruption.

You've stated the problem perfectly


No matter who we elect, when they get to office in DC they soon want to stay in that office and therefore come under the influence of their respective "Re-Election Committee" which funds their reelection. The quid-pro-quo for funding their re-election is voting how the Re-Election Committee wants them to vote.

This plague effects both Democrat and Republican office holders and the only antidote is NEVER NEVER NEVER contribute to any Re-Election Committee. Instead contribute to your Candidate or to your Political Party.

Of course a third party candidate will not be tempted by a Re-Election Committee because he has no chance of election or re-election anyway.

DO NOT CONFUSE the Committee to Re-Elect Republican Senators or the Committee to Re-Elect Republican House Members with the Republican Party -- the Republican Re-Election Committees are headed by Carl Rove and Wealthy Special Interest Contributors while the Republican Party is made up of constitutional conservatives like you and I.

On the other hand, the Democrat Re-Election Committees are headed by George Soros and wealthy special interest contributors, while the Democrat Party is made up of constitutional subversives.

Please support and involve yourself with the Republican Party -- it is our best chance to restore our beloved nation. But stay the hell away from the Democrat Party and all the Re-Election Committees; and don't waste your vote on someone who has no nope of getting elected. Supporting and voting for someone who has no chance of getting elected is almost as stupid as supporting and voting for a constitutional subversive.



.  .  

There's more to fidelity in office than merely re-election committees.  There are lobbyists on a daily basis all vying for influence and we can use our imaginations to decide how that goes for some of our GOP members of congress.  I have to believe that some GOP representatives have been compromised by their behavior in some way or other and are being blackmailed for votes.  The latter is pure speculation, but experience would suggest that it's not at all out of the question.  Then, perhaps a candidate never really believed core items he campaigned on.

However, re-election isn't really the issue.  Remaining in good standing in the party is the real issue for we of the electorate.   If one is not in good standing then one should be denied any party re-election funding or support.  If one is voting in opposition on any of the party's stated platform items, betraying the electorate,  then that party member should be denied both re-election support and party membership.  In the GOP as it is, if you vote against the platform -- no problem!  Issues such as amnesty, don't even show up in the party's platform!!  Does that mean that for the GOP, amnesty isn't an issue?

Lastly, for anyone to state categorically that a "third party" candidate would never win election is patently absurd.  If, however, such clairvoyance was possible, that person could better spend his time in Las Vegas.  The fact is, we can do anything in this regard that enough of us want to do.  All it takes is the need and the desire.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Remember, from 1856-1860, the GOP was a "third party".  Lastly, I remember clearly that a man, a political pillar of a community I once lived in, told me flatly that my idea for the town would never happen.  A year and a half later, guess what?  It was in place.  Again, only because there was the need and it made sense.

We really only have a "one" party system,  the Demopubs,are the new party, so there is a vacancy,  won't be a third party anymore, just the second party which is acceptable in a "suppose" party system.

it aint nothing new,,,,,, Nixon the supposed right winger.... took us off the gold standars..... opened up China which was  then taken to a new level byt he Clinton.. Clinton idealized Nixon,,, had him as a special envoy to Russia/Soviet Union but Nixon hated Clinton cause Clinton got caught like him but didnt pay any consequeneces. Regardless it is an all one world,,..

Heck Reagan was a democrat and was asked why  he changed,, he said he didnt leave the democratic party it left (pun intended) him.  If JFK was alive to day he would be painted more right wing them Goldwater was..).. Reagan had big govt debts, Reagan did the first immigration deal etc etc

I never was a fan of politics but now it seems everywhere you go is this liberal mind,,,,, love everybody yet screw your neighbor. It is all about guilt,,guilt for for slavery, for this for that....once one is guilty they do anything to not be villified as a racist, sexist, homophob etc etc... I feel like the Indians who helped the Pilgrims and were rewarded by having thier land stolen and their livves lost,,,, people are just mad. I fought for equakity, end of sexism, felt sorry for the gay s and now I cant get a jobunless I want to drive a cab 120 hours a week for $200 if I am lucky ( thanks to the illegal supply of taxi driver,,, but this is wverywhere now),,, I dont qualify...... which is a modern term for discscrimination but the sqeaking wheel gets oiled and older americans, white dont have a group to speak out,,, they are all in their corners feeling guilty

Hey is Walmart(plug in whatever corp you want) liberal or conservative?????Answer I could give a damn...... but I can tell you they is evil... they were the bastartds starting all the questions to answer before you got hired......  Who the hell made them GOD to decide what answers mean what???? Aint it chilling is this fascist like the Nazis or Stalinistic? Answer I dont care,,,,,,, a snake is a snake

The next freaking person/company that asks about honesty and they themselves are liars...will make me scream,.I tell you an honest person cant get work....... I have spent my whole life living within a budget,, never been in debt and have always been a saver,,,,, but no one cares.... ,,,,,,,, then go to the back of the bus.One day I will figure out  how to make money without cheating another...... it seems if you are honest with others they will take advantager of you..... otherwise sell how great you are and rob people blind,,, is there some happy median??,,, I think it aint so difficult but it seems nigh impossible,, talk about the ultimate zen koan. (dont get me started on Zen,,,,ZEn is corrupted so much,,, the epitome the  phony Zen master basket coach,,,,nothing is sacred anymore,,,,,,,,even God/mysticism is for sale)

No kidding?

"Third" parties?  In Arizona alone there are at least 11 registered political parties (http://votesmart.org/political-parties/AZ#.UhN3lu3n_IU) !  We would be a 12th party, not a third.

The numbers aside, has it always been the GOP that these parties have attempted to replace?  I think for the most part, the different parties also had different ideas.  What would make a replacement party for the GOP work, is this:  the GOP's stated beliefs are for the most part just fine.  It's just that when in power, they don't pursue them, much less accomplish them legislatively.

Can you think of anything the GOP has put into federal law or repealed to make smaller government? To strengthen the constitution?  To get activist judges out and get those who believe in the words in our constitution into office? To secure our borders?  To simplify and/or totally reform taxation? To get government out of the way of business and our economy?  To meaningfully cut spending?  To strengthen individual rights under our constitution? 

I could go on for a long time, but these are all things which we're told, at election time, that the GOP supports and will accomplish.  They have a complete zero record of having done so with the exception of a few tax cuts.  Whoopee.

How many Republicans who you know are satisfied with the GOP's record and can't wait for yet another Republican majority in congress?  Can you tell me, seeing how the House of Representatives is being used, what difference that will make?  Remember back when Bush was in office and we had majorities in the house and senate?  Did any of what Republicans say they stand for, actually happen?  No.

So why, given a choice of parties, wouldn't the majority of registered Republicans -- those who identify themselves as "conservatives" -- vote for a party candidate who supported all those existing GOP values and legislative goals and also took a public pledge to work on them until they were realized, never supporting Democrat policy in any way?  What if the candidates of such a party were expelled from the party if they breached that pledge?  They would never be re-elected.  Why wouldn't the majority of registered Republicans vote for the candidates of such a party?  I'm sure you know that McCain has supported Hillary for the presidency.  That's but a single example of something which happens regularly in one way or another among elected Republicans in Washington.  Do you like that?  Wouldn't you join a party which wouldn't permit it because it flies in the face of everything the party claims that it stands for and champions for the American people?  The senator, among others, should have been compelled to run as a Democrat long ago.

Do you believe that the past equals the future?  Probably not.  So what difference does it make that the GOP hasn't been replaced yet?  In 1856 when the Whig party wasn't delivering, the GOP replaced it.  This is now.  It's a new day, with new challenges.  The GOP is not getting the job done for the people of the USA.  I believe that a party founded on similar principles, with new leadership and new rules for elected members, can deliver the results in Washington and replace the self-serving and, for us, useless GOP. 

You are right on everything, but let's not duplicate efforts, go to AMERICANS PATRIOTS PARTY, read the platform and see if it doesn't make sense. We have many in Arizona, no one wants leadership responsbility, maybe a good co-chair group.

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