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I am in the appeal phase of the lawsuit we filed to compel Mesa to uphold the Arizona constitution and have a public vote to sell bonds/notes for about $130 million to build the 1.9 mile extension from Mesa Drive to Gilbert Road.

The extension was not scheduled to be built before Federal funds were available to Valley Metro for construction. The funds were anticipated to be available sometime in 2017-2018. Scott Smith, former Mesa mayor and the central planners in  Mesa hatched a scheme to use a law which had previously been used to build highways for the authority to sell "notes" which were to be repaid by projects where Federal funds had been approved but not used or needed. To do so Mesa had to lobby the Arizona legislature because the law had to be changed to make it "legal" to use it for Light Rail.

Mesa is the ONLY city to finance COMPLETELY part of the light rail. And using this "changed" law, the Transportation Project Advancement Notes (TPAN), Mesa was able to avoid a public vote for the $130 million in notes/bonds. The problem, as we see it, is there is still a constitutional mandate to have a public vote.

Also, there are NO PROJECTS approved, pending, or otherwise available to re-purpose and pay Mesa's debt. Mesa will repay the notes/bonds plus interest using Mesa sales tax money. And according to the trial judge in Superior Court, Mesa's sale of the notes/bonds creates NO obligation for Mesa to repay the notes. All RISK will be born by the bond BUYERS

Powerful political interests and Cronyism, I believe, made any outcome in Superior Court to be resolved in Mesa's favor. The other 6 business and property owners involved in the initial lawsuit are discouraged by the bottomless pit of taxpayer money used to fight us. I am proceeding Pro Per, without counsel and self funded. If you want to become involved with a contribution for a REAL constitutional issue her in Arizona, contact me at or the mailbox here at the TEA Party.

Joe Price 

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