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Who is running for Mayor of Phoenix.

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Who is being recommended?

A Small Business said:

Candidates for mayor are Thane Eichenauer, Claude Mattox, Peggy Neely, Wes Gullet, and Greg Stanton.

There was a debate Monday night.

A Small Business said:

I believe this Website is  a 501K (c)(3) and so it cant Endorse Candidates.

I am not fr sure about that !!!

Thane does not have enough support from either party.

Mattox, Neely, and Stanton are all Phoenix City Councilmen.

They voted for the new Phoenix Sales Tax and

voted for the water rate increase.

Phoenix City Employees get $60K to over $00K while the rest of us average $47K

Wes Gullet worked for the City of Phoenix.

In my personal opinion, I don't think the Tea Party ought to vett any of them.

For more info on this subject, check out Coucilman Sal DiCiccio's Website.

Thanks for the info. Looks like we are in for 4 or 8 years more of misery.

Non profits such as GPTPP’s a 501c4 can not endorse political candidates. Anyone that is a member of GPTPP can endorse as an individual, can state it anyway they want. That is why you see, Tea Party endorsements written up as so and so, of so and so tea party, endorses such and such. Legal but void of character making such endorsements worthless where those that think the public are buying it, are such fools.     

I for sure am not voting for any of the Phx City Councilman candidates (Maddox, Stanton or Neely). These are the very same people that have voted time and again to increase our taxes and generally almost always vote in lock step with Phil Gordon.....and we all know what this guy is all about! They are basically all Phil Gordon clones and ass wipes. I am a resident of District 2 and know a bit more about Peggy Neely than any of the other candidates. She is the epitome of the useless, self serving, politician that has made a mockery of the term "servant of the people". This woman views herself as way too self important to serve in the best interests of the "little people"....her constituency! 

Freedman, individuals covered by indemnification clauses are not always free from being held personally accountable for their behaviors that constitute misfeasance or are wanton in nature. Just the few facts you have stated, indicate there is cause to void Neely’s indemnification. Once voided, sue her personally.


This works well with board members of HOA’s as well.


Welcome back to GPTPP Freedman.


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