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New French Socialist President Seeks to Unite with BRIC and End the Dollar

This will split the European Union away from the USA and the Federal Reserve alliance thats been in place since the end of WW2 and was the foundation for the dollar as world trade currency . Once This BRIC/ China alliance is formed with France the PIIGS and they are formally trading with the Yuan instead of the dollar the dollar bond traders will leave the dollar for the Yuan and the dollar will devalue like a rock !!! Get Ready for a Wall Street Crash because This is how the USA Parts Supply Shortage will become our Hyper inflation event .
New French Socialist President Seeks to Unite with BRIC and End the Dollar , this guy will sell his fellow country men and women down the river to the BRIC Nations once they gain control of the entire European Union and break the Alliance with the USA thats been in tact since WW2 .
New French Socialist President Seeks to Unite with BRIC and End the Dollar
I believe given the talk here in this link about using the free market to De-Develop the USA , , out sourcing was part of the plan to make the USA Dependent and Breakable , so what will happen here is all our Equipment , Case International Harvester , Caterpillar , John Deere , ford new Holland , plus all the car manufacturers , plus all the After Market parts suppliers like NAPA , Oriellys , , all these Manufacturers Import ALL the Parts they assemble their equipment with . We will see these parts become almost unattainable when the dollar loses its reserve currency status as these BRIC Suppliers who we Import our parts supplies all together reject the dollar exchange at the rate we have been operating at . Our result will be much like Iceland's in 2008 was , only way bigger a civil unrest because Iceland was only 98,000 people , we are 311,000,000 and reducing their level of abundance will be way bigger a deal than what it was in Greece or the other PIIGS countries that tried austerity only to reject it and vote for the Socialist like they did in France hoping for a return too their abundance , but it won't happen as the BRIC nations are only gathering them for the Slaughter later , we have seen this before in that region First you promise them the moon for control over the resources only to bait and switch to the oppressive famine and strife that depopulation is all about . And this is not a conspiracy they are talking about this today as a remedy for Earths salvation , like a Collective Salvation you know !!!
Paul Ehrlich on depopulation: 'We're going to go over the top' - audio

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