For God's Sake! No more Light Rail!

IF THE LINK DOESN'T WORK, go to the goldwater institutue .org and search for light rail articles.

In the Az Repulsive today Greg Stanton, progressive marxist mayor of phoenix is talking about MORE light rail. NO.....NO.....NO. At $60-90 million a mile to build and $1.5-2 million per year, per mile, to operate and maintain, it's a taxpayer's nightmare.

And they talk about $7 billion in economic development because of light rail. I have screamed WHERE?

Yet nobody knows. Some low income apartments? The central planners can not point to specific anything! 

The Phoenix mayor and council should be required to ride the light rail for 1 month. Anybody who is contemplating voting YES for light rail should be required to ride the rail for 1 month before they vote.

And show me the $7 billion in economic development!!!!


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Mr. Price has been on the front-lines regarding this "boondoggle" light rail.  Mr. Price filed a lawsuit presenting facts, and evidence that the Az. Constitution required that public vote be mandated, but the Mesa citizen did not have the say concerning this "Light Rail."   Thanks to now Gubernatorial Scott Smith who came up with a scheme that got around having public vote.  Also poor Mesa is  in a $1.5 billion debt, Mayor Smith has hurt Mesa citizens, what will he do as "Governor."

Adding more of this fiasco light rail is like poking bigger holes in a sinking lifeboat. The taxpayers will be stuck paying the bill on something they will never use. SHOW me where it is paying for it's self as it is. We all knew it would be a white elephant sitting on the peoples chest. NO MORE DEBT ON THE PEOPLE! 

That "economic development" will come from all the scum that will ride for free to their next target. I will fight the light rail coming to the South Valley tooth and nail. The last thing we need is inner city scum hiking a free ride to their next hit.

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