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Obama's domestic and geopolitical agendas.

In order to understand what is happening in America one must scrutinize carefully current We The Elite People of Culture of Corruption in all of Washington DC's two part agenda's.
One asks, "What is meant by the word 'two part agenda's' in Washington DC?"
One working premise of this administration has always been to "Transform" America from a Constitutional Republic to a European styled Marxist/socialist, centralized "democracy." An aside: Our Founding Fathers studied carefully all forms of "democratic governance"concluding, all had serious evidenced by current Washington DC's actions, words and deeds "transforming America to a Democratically governed Nation."
Let's continue our analysis of this administration and what portends for all Americans futures.
"Hope and Change" are real Marxist/socialist mantras. Existed in all left-of-center thoughts, words and literature across all nationalities:European, Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, Latin/Central American, and even small Fiefdoms. Even ISIS has this as their basis for a caliphate. Every far left terrorist organization's "raison d'être" spouts these basic tenets "Hope AND Change."
Back to Obama's "domestic vs. geopolitical" agenda. His American view is still "Hope TO Change (America)" vs. His geopolitical agenda. This last, relegated to The United Nations. "Foist-off" Obama's "guiding principles" for geopolitical resolutions to vexing, intransigent problems. Suffice it to say, Obama is most happiest with his American Domestic Agenda of "HOPE TO CHANGE (AMERICA)!" In remaining two years time!
Is there visible proof of this? Yes! Proof abounds! From "Fast an' Furious" to "Crisis At The Border" all concocted, contrived events to cover-up reams and reams of Rules, Regulations, Court Orders and usage of every governmental agency in Washington DC. See, administrators of these Entities are hand-picked Obama lapdogs (Donors, DNC Party Loyalists, or insider Washington DC politicos) imposing a heavy handed "Domestic Agenda" aimed solely towards morphing ALL America to Obama's design..."The Democratic Collective!"
So, Obama has a two track implementation schedule: 1) talk=geopolitical, 2) DO=domestic. Understanding this simple formula of what's taking place in America today, will help unravel seemingly vexing issues, into two main areas:Obama's 1)Domestic Agenda vs. 2)Obama's Geopolitical agenda. In the former it's DO, the latter it's TALK.
Case in point: Israeli settlements=TALK. LGBT across USA=DO. This analysis, though simple is how POTUS perceives American Excellence, trash talk. But moving Obama's domestic agenda forward like:1)decimating religiosity, 2) insipid indoctrination in education, 3)incomprehensible legislation in all things financial and 4) uniting separation of powers into one, The Executive is all DO. Just some random thoughts. Simple as they may be, is a way of separating the wheat (talk) from the chaff (do). Pray. Amen. POTUS="The Wizard of Odz!"

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