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On the "Education Piece" about Patrick Henry

Mr. Benson regrets the way that Patrick Henry has been shuffled into an historic pigeonhole.  Perhaps there's a reason.  Henry was an opponent of Madison, both on the Constitution, and on religious freedom.  He tried to establish a Virginia state religion, earmarking tax money for a state-favored religion.  Most today would oppose such a theocratic measure, even for Christianity in general (which he tried after he first effort failed). 

A fate even more demeaning awaited another patriot, Thomas Paine, to whom John Adams credited the success of the Revolution.  For having religious views similar to Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, but having the temerity to publish them, he was ostracized, hounded on his deathbed to recant his beliefs, and his grave desecrated.

A large percentage of religions have supported,Jefferson's wall of separation between church and state, from Jefferson's day to this.  Notably, the greatest religious opponent to that wall is also the biggest denomination, the Southern Baptists.  It should be noted that Jefferson coined that phrase in a letter to a Baptist Congregation in Danbury, Conn, who were being persecuted by that state which favored another religion.

Another obscured detail from American History, is the near theocratic coup against Andrew Jackson by an alliance of Nicholas Biddle's 2nd National Bank, Ezra Siles Ely's Presbyterians, and Jackson's own VP, John C. Calhoun, that culminated with Jackson's divesting of the 2nd National Bank and with the Nullification Crisis in 1832.  Those events did make the history books, but little is covered about how they were intertwined.

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