Post your favorite return to Law and Order pic.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  Chris Rossiter's avatar of Gary Cooper from High Noon is a great starting place, though it's set in *ahem*, New Mexico.  (Nothing against New Mexico, mind you; that's where my family is from, but...Land of Enchantment, all of that.)  Post a picture portraying an actual return to law and order, fictional or non-fictional--or just look and be inspired.  Could there be a more appropriate place than Tombstone, AZ.  Get you headline from the Tombstone Epitaph right here, "OBAMACARE DEAD AND BURIED".

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This is from the olden days when high handed executive orders were only one page long, instead of thousands.


Do not forsake me oh my Darlin'...

I thought at first that was a voting lever, but on reflection I'm sure something else was intended.  Of course that would require the proper accoutrements:

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