Am I alone in getting ten or twenty emails per day, asking me to donate to this or that putatively “conservative” organization?  They send me polls, they send me news blurbs telling me what I have to do to defeat what’s happening (donate, of course).  They tell me how conservative they are and they challenge my conservatism (This today from “Grassfire <” “Jeffery, can we assume you support IRS intimidation?”)  Right.  That’s insulting.  And they think I’m going to send them money with that come-on?  Here’s my reply:

“Send me a list of your own contributions, listing names and amounts.  Depending on what YOU have done, I might donate.  Otherwise, for all I know, you’re three or four people with a website and an email list lining your pockets with conservative dollars.  Can I assume that you approve of the GOP Establishment?  I don’t hear you calling for a new party to replace the GOP.  Based on their past performance, what sort of odds would you put on their doing anything meaningful?  And by the way, how would my donation make that happen?  You never explained that.  As for Christine O’Donnell, I’ll bet the odds are better than even that GOP operatives urged the IRS to harass and misrepresent that lady.”

I don’t mind donating to Tea Party sites where there’s a forum and a means of networking with other conservatives.  That’s key and it’s a real service.  But all these other organizations telling us “We’re conservative!  Send us money and we’ll do this or that” are a little too fast and loose for me.  The only evidence we have of their conservatism is their say so.  Not one of them has sent me the list I’ve asked for, so I will continue to withhold any donations.  Also, many of them are “donotreply” messages.  They don’t stand a chance with me.  I don’t take dictation.  At present, my suspicion is strong that many of these “organizations” have found that it’s a good way to make a lot of money by doing very little.  Pay themselves big salaries and donate very little to very little effect.  Several do stand out, however, Club For Growth being one of them.  They helped David Schweikert and others win office.  Unfortunately, however, they also supported Flake.  The Heritage Foundation is another, I suppose, but they are stuck in their thinking, thinking which will simply maintain the present situation in my view.  Ditto the ACU.  While I don’t doubt their sincerity, what have either of these organizations actually accomplished during their existence?  Yes, they have colored some legislation, but our problems run much, much deeper than a piece of legislation here or there.  They could do much more if they could help free us from the GOP Establishment’s grip.  But I central point is be careful who you send money to!


Jeff Dover

July 24, 2013

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Seems like that someone is peddling this orr that with no accountability,, and quite franklu people just seem to want to help this or that,,,  and be done with it.  When Katrina hit years ago I had the feeling that only a small amount of the money that really  was being donated to help; reached New Orleans,, and once it reached their they had the special interest taking r their cut too. Every  stump to raise money for this cancer or that cancer,,,,, and oh ya more research is needed,,, keep that money pouring in (people become poorer when they pour in their money)......I remember as a kid in Mass. the Jimmy fund was relatively new...a fund for kids with cancer..... at some point decades ago I started to wonder what ever came of all that money? In the meantime doxens if not hundreds of other diseases have been discovered and/or accelerated in numbers....... just wonder how much is real help and how much is "business" or " being an entrepreneur"?Seems like people are more programmed into the notion they are gonna get this or that disease,,,, so now the mindset is catch it as soon as you can,,,, you can then have a high 5 moment when some test finds this or that tumor,,,,, and they say its benign,,,,, but keep coming back,,,cause its good business for the medical much is disease psychosomatic,,, fearing you are gonan get "it" and voila///// especially since a relative had it... it is now in the family etc. .I Is it possible for for us humans to actually help each other without exploiting people??Our whole gestalt needs to be changed.... once upon a time(i have heard) Ancient China's doctors collected from their patients as long as they were healthy,,,, and stopped when they were "sick". Clearly any system that is one extreme or another is gonna have people milking the system but our system definitely favors the health care providers ......then with all the uninsured/illegals going to the emergency rooms on the taxpayer dime as it were.... we have a large part of the fiscal crisis we have today. In other words even a good system (ie US Constitution,checks and balances)) in the hands of dishonest deceitful, power hungry people aint gonna work.....people now want to take advantage of a a system or society(entitlements in the broad sense of the word),,,, . Now it seems freedom means I can do whatever I damn well please,,,,there is no consideration for the other,,,,,,even today(i.e) libraries are no more quiet and God forbid if you ask people to be quiet.. Freedom is not licentiousness but one .full of responsibility
Unfortunately our society seems to cater and or create irresponsible people...people who can be easily manipulated to consume consume consume,,,,mindlessly so that the consumer itself is somehow consumed. .We have this winner loser mentality......basically cannibalizes each other on one level or another.

I get the same request everyday too, no I don't send them any money. Every time the gop sends me one I remind them of what they have NOT done on the same paper and send it back. I know that they don't read it anyway they just want the money. Their questions are always so leading only a fool would answer them with disagreement

And a lot of the well known "republicans" are pimps for every "conservative" group there is, right/? It's easy to delete and unsubscribe.

I do not donate to the gop for they have lost all my respect gop > lowercase letters = low respect. Right now I don't know how I will vote in coming elections because of how the republicans have turned liberal in many areas, my own state included arizona both of my senators are liberal rino's

Hopefully by then we'll have alternatives...

They don't count on us for money anyway.  I think what voters send, those who still do, is used for parties.  Chris Christie is or was recently out in the Hamptons, courting big money out there.  It's the billionaires and corporations they care about -- and likely who they serve.
Ralph H Moran said:

I do not donate to the gop for they have lost all my respect gop > lowercase letters = low respect. Right now I don't know how I will vote in coming elections because of how the republicans have turned liberal in many areas, my own state included arizona both of my senators are liberal rino's

Agree with Jeff, wholeheartedly, go to AMERICAN PATRIOTS PARTY, see what conservatives can do. We do need leaders here in Arizona. But do you think TRUE conservatives in congress want to be associated with liberal party. They will have to decide too. The quicker we show them the way the better.

Not only should you be careful who you send your money to, you should also be careful who you sign up to receive emails and mailers etc etc from.

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