Since the day our nation was founded, there have been two opposing forces at work against each other; on one side are those who want to conserve our founding principles, and on the other are those who want to subvert our founding principles.  

The subversives want to destroy the nation that our founders created. They strive for progress toward social collectivism with elite rule, and the elimination of individual freedom and self-rule. Subversives are in direct opposition to the principles upon which our nation was founded. The conservatives are the counter-force that resists the progress of the subversives; they strive to preserve and restore founding principles. So far the subversives have made much progress. The ultimate goal of the subversives is stealing our national sovereignty and relegating us to “ant heap” of collectivism and tyranny.

The Bill known as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” steals our sovereignty. It, along with the recent Supreme Court ruling against a State’s right to verify citizenship before voting, will seal our fate as a failed self-governing people who cherish individual freedom.

What is sovereignty? Sovereignty is the most important attribute of a free people!  Sovereignty is having and exercising authority over a geographical area containing people who have a common interest. By this definition, the United States of America is a sovereign nation. We consist of a geographically specified set of States and Territories and our common interest is expressed by our Federal Constitution. Implicit in the concept of Sovereignty is the granting of citizenship and the control of non-citizens crossing in and out of our borders and catching those who cross in and do not cross back out again when they are supposed to.

So with all this said, let’s turn our attention to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill currently being considered by Congress which is entitled, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act”, but which should be renamed the “Sovereignty Elimination Act”.

This bill makes it illegal for us to consider aliens who cross into our nation and then do not cross back out again when they are supposed to, illegal. Think about that -- It actually makes it illegal to consider illegal aliens illegal. This is the goal of the open border crowd who want to destroy the sovereignty of our nation. It is not only amnesty but even worse than amnesty. When it is illegal to distinguish between aliens and citizens, citizens lose their citizenship. This Bill actually renames the Chief of Citizenship, the Chief of Citizens and New Americans – that speaks loudly as to the underlying motivation for this Bill.   

Maybe you are supportive of amnesty for illegal aliens who have a sad story to tell. That’s understandable and compassionate, but what is even more important is that this bill opens our borders and negates a fundamental principle of sovereignty, and that is a huge infringement on our unalienable rights as American Citizens. Maybe you think I am exaggerating about this. If so, I refer you to section CCC of the Bill which I paraphrase as follows, “It is an unfair for anyone to discriminate against anybody because of citizenship status.

Maybe you have been swayed by the publicity put out there about this Bill, publicity which is intended to make Citizens believe what is not the truth.

Have you heard that this Bill will close the borders first? That is not the truth. The bill actually gives Homeland Security five years to do a study on closing the borders; and if they are not finished with their study by then, it gives them another $10 Billion and an automatic extension of time to study the matter further. Nowhere in this bill is any action actually specified to gain better control of our borders. Maybe you don’t believe me about this; if not I refer you to section AAA of the Bill.

Have you heard that this Bill will assess fines and back taxes and other penalties on illegal aliens and put them at the back of the citizenship line? How will it be possible to enforce such things when the Bill makes It unfair for anyone to discriminate against anybody because of citizenship status?

Do you realize that this Bill gives unbridled power to the Department of Homeland Security and takes away the constitutional oversight and law enforcement powers of the Department of Justice?  History repeats itself, and this is horribly similar to what happened in pre-WWII Germany when the Gestapo Law was passed by the subversive Nazi Party in 1936. The Gestapo Law gave their version of homeland security similar carte blanche authority to operate without judicial oversight. The similarity is chilling, and what is even more chilling is that our version of the old Gestapo Law singles out Mexicans in a way similar to how the Nazi version singled out Jews.  

There is much to be said against this Bill; in fact so much more that we could go on and on. Anyone who has actually read this bill will notice that over half of it has already been struck out so far, and the remainder is such a constitutional overreach that only a civic ignorant or a constitutional subversive would be in favor of it.

Let’s leave with just one more important point. This Bill gives special treatment to Mexicans who are in our nation illegally. That may make illegal Mexicans feel special, but special treatment is both a blessing and a curse. It is well known that whenever a government singles out a class of people, that class had better watch out. Any kind of singling-out is discrimination, and that is a two edged sword; it can work to benefit that class, but more often than not it will work to its detriment. Our nation was founded on the principle of equal treatment of all and that principle is a better protectorate of the people than any special treatment promised by pandering politicians.

Our Federal Representatives should vote no on this Bill; not only no, but hell no!

ABOUT CITIZEN ENGDAHL – Citizen Engdahl is a Republican Precinct Committee Member in Arizona LD20 and CD06, and he is the author of “Sense of Citizens”, published by Friesen Press - ISBN 978-1-4602-1021-5. Engdahl is also Chairman of the Republican Caucus Committee, which advocates allowing Republicans to nominate their candidates by Caucus instead of Primary (see for details on this initiative).


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You couldn't be more dead on accurate. Sovereignty remains to be the most sought after jewel in America. Amnesty being on the forefront of the attack. Has anyone considered their flank? The other deceptive mode of attack on our sovereignty is the back door Article V. Convention of States and other Article V groups are promising the moon when it comes to making everyone believe Article V is a Constitutional Convention or the ability to chance the Constitution as the delegates see fit. They couldn't be more wrong. Tea Party groups are being misinformed on the execution of Article V simply for no other reason that to get you and The State Legislatures to make the call in Congress. Once they get their hands in it, they feel they can "reign in Government" with generic worded subjects and not amendments. Can you see the problem? Only One group of people are advocating for the people as to proper method of Article V and are being largely ignored. Why? No progressive ties. Check out Citizen Initiatives and find out why we are the last line of defense for sovereignty.

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