Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.

Greetings we are forming three support groups assisting Patriots transitioning through AZ to Washington DC for Operation American Spring on May 16th. Our goal is to supply patriots going to this event with Gas, Food, Prayer and anything else we can. Ideally I would like to see a team in Flagstaff, one in Phoenix and one in Tucson.

Our group in Tucson has over ten members (so far) we have about 6 addressing our Goal of $600-$800 for gas, we are at $300 now with additional commitments. We have three assisting with Food and we have about 4 members in the prayer group.

We are looking for Tea Party members in Flagstaff to contact Northern Calif TP groups to find out who and how many are coming through Flagstaff so our Northern AZ group can plan for them.

We are looking for members in the Phoenix area to assist Patriots from Central Calif & Southern Calif and to contact TP groups in those areas to access their needs regarding Gas, food, prayer and anything else we can provide to assist their trip to DC

We in Tucson will be contacting Southern Calif TP groups to access the quantity on members and their needs as they travel through our part of AZ to join Patriots from all over the Country. I am going to have a cut off date of April 30th for the amounts needed. I will take that dollar amount and split it in two allocating 1/2 for them going East and the other half for their trip back as they go through Tucson, home. For those in Phoenix don't forget Major Gen Vallely will be in Phoenix April 2nd.

We need to get er Done!

We are on the Walls of the Alamo in prayer waiting for Dawn.

1. We need a Phoenix group to form to assist.

2. We need a Flagstaff team to form

3. We need to connect and coordinate from Tucson to Flagstaff and from the groups coming and the next leg of this in either NM or TX

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