We of the Tea Party movement are having a profound effect upon most Americans as regards alerting all who care - about how Progressive New Left Activists are exercising a plan as well as successfully implementing it. This is fact. Yes, Tea Party is an amorphous grouping of Patriots concerned about Edmund Burkes teachings and his having fathered present day conservativism... few americans know this. It is our task to honor Goldwater's and Ross Perot's ideals by molding Tea Party candidates into ultra right conservative lawmakers, adhering to Founding Fathers ideals. I don't think this fervor exists in Independent Party's chemistry. For that reason abandoning Republicaninsm seems the wrong course of action, and yes fielding ultra conservative candidates for elective office as Republicans is the correct course of action. Will be tough, but if the Whigs were brought to Ultra conservative philosophy, so too can 21st Century Republican Party and the GOP bend as well. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Just have to have more Ted Cruz's and Lee's in national offices.

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Founding fathers for the most part were 'classic liberals.' 

If the US Constitution and later Bill of Rights were unanimously voted on by all Founding Fathers. Later, approved and put to pen and Edmund Burke (father of modern day conservativism) philosophy appears in most if not all Federalist writings and penned commentaries, it is a veritable stretch to say Founding Fathers were "classic liberals." One has to study the evolution of then Whig parties and Tories as constituted, to understand later evolution of thought into today's Tea Party Movement. Lastly, We The People are staunch defenders of a US Constitution that in its essence mirrors yesteryears conservative philosophy as well as today's search for return to Founding Fathers original intent..."A Republic, if you can keep it." In conclusion, Our founding Fathers were staunch conservatives as mirrored in their writings and their product THE US CONSTITUTION. Defend and protect Our Heritage, for powerful forces wish her demise and are working feverishly to have this come to fruition. 

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