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Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.

Everybody look up the beer party on facebook on day of the shooting. They were outright saying  that the shooting was the work of the tea party. I got them all flustered just by saying hey why don't we wait and see what the details are before we make any assumptions. They bashed me for the entire day. I just said hey sorry I thought in this country u are innocent before proven guilty. 

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The more Patriots that go onto LEFTY SITES to stir them up, the better. Start with innocent naive comments and in time they will realize that you are not. Blast them in a manner that maintains your integrity but by all means step it up. By the time you have worn out your welcome, another 5 Patriots should be starting up on the site with innocent naïve comments. Drive them nuts, drive them over the edge, and move on to the next group and start over. PLAY THEIR GAME BY THEIR RULES.

Not being able to put up with a lefty on this or other sites, crying foul indicates weakness-Patriot Up.

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