Ok, I've had it with our slimy, two-faced junior Senator.  Jeff Flake has fed us a series of pretty promises but behind the scenes has served only his own ambition by serving the progressive establishment power brokers.  He betrayed us on the defunct gun control bill by voting to bring it to the floor and by voting for cloture instead of standing against it with Senate leaders Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.  Now he's reportedly in the process of betraying the people who voted him into office again by working with the gun-grabbers to help get a gun control bill re-introduced.


Now today a news story that Flake refused to support Ted Cruz's amendment to the Amnesty bill that would have prevented newly legalized illegals from gaining immediate access to welfare, even after his spokesperson stated he would support such an amendment.  These are not the only examples.  Jeff Flake is clearly not living up to his campaign promises, nor to conservative principles in general.  We expect this kind of progressive behavior and betrayal from John McCain, but Arizona now has TWO Senators working against the will of the voters for the destruction of America.


I believe it's time to start a recall petition for both of these unprincipled liars.

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The left is well organized, they have money, and have dedicated leftist who will do anything to pass their agendas.  They even have their president "Obama," I think we are "Doomed."

NAH! That's what King George III thought, too! Trouble was, HE didn't imagine there'd be  "Shot heard around the world" in the Boston Massacre either! All autocratic tyranny's act and think the same way...look at Fidel Castro's Cuba! Presiding over one of the world's poorest countrys! Can't get blood out of a dried prune!!! Cuba has been drained since Fidel 's revolution.Our Framers gave We The People the world's one and only US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Federalist Papers. No other nation (of the 197 or so) in the world replicates what America is, has and has become. Period!Yes, Progressive New Left Socialist's have a 35 year span of successes...and that's because We The People let them. Enter today's Tea Parties and Patriots. It will be a tough slog to revert Progressive's damages, but is doable...patience. "Rule of Law" will prevail. God is on our side!

For example, Obama's "Backdoor Amnesty" program. Already in place, signed Executive Order and Sec. Napolitano and Morton executing its directives. Here's the link! Cut and paste Judicial Watches 12 page pdf. Get educated. Pass it on to other Patriots.

Obama's "Backdoor Amnesty" program has been up and running since 2008. It grants Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) status after only four years This was contained in an Executive Order he signed and fully implemented by former DHS Secretary Napolitano. Please read Judicial Watch's 12 page report. Cut and paste this link to a browser..is slow loading but worth the education. Question? Isn't this "high crimes and misdemeanors" while in office as POTUS? If so, IMPEACHMENT is the next best action to remove this person from office.

Pray. Amen. God Bless America.If that doesn't load, try this:


As regards McCain and Flake! See, they're part and parcel of Washington DC's Elite and crony-capitalism's culture. McCain had written into this  Senate Amnesty Reform Legislation "kick-backs" from various surveillance companies (contractors) to the tune of some $420,000 dollars. If both he and Flake can get Boehner (Speaker) to figure out a way to "sweeten" the "take" with more porkulus, "Back Door amnesty" now becomes up front and legal. Tea Party has to field honest, law abiding Senators and Representatives. Let's oust these phony Senators and Representatives who have their personal pockets interests at heart. Pray. Amen.

I've been trying to push this recall using a petition I found online.  I've gotten nothing but "we're very interested, but there's no way it can be done" everywhere I turn.  Everywhere online--including here--I see lots of talk and lots of "nothing we can do", but where is the action?  Why are there ZERO Tea Party protests or meetings?  Why does there seem to be NO strategy for making our rage at our two traitorous Senators public and effective?  When are we going to have good conservative candidates identified for the 2014 primaries?  Someone please tell me there's something going on that I'm missing--please point me to it!


As for Arizona going blue, it already has on a national level--thanks to several third-party candidates robbing votes from pretty good GOP candidates, we LOST 2 Congressional seats in 2012, going from a 6 to 3 advantage to a shameful 5 to 4 minority.  Our aforementioned Senators are working in collusion with each other and with the Dumbascraps to keep pushing the country leftward over the cliff as fast as they possibly can. 

I've attempted several places to get some response, there is a lot of TALK and no willingness for real ACTION.. The first step is a political committee to go to sec of state and get legitimate petition registered. So far have hear no one willing to do ANYTHING. Pretty pathetic after all the comments we can read of citizens and voters knowing the senators are corrupt liberals but not even willing to meet and study the rules. Thousands willing to sign but no one willing to get the petitions out of the office.

Jeffrey Cook, Wayne Bauer--Here is how it works: you form a committee. You file a petition with the Secretary of State's Office. You get 586,0000 certified signatures in 6 months which means you will need about 850,000.  Then you file the petitions.

The SoS and County Recorders certify the requisite signatures and the SoS calls an election.  McCain and/or Flake files lawsuit v the state and your committee on the grounds the recall is unconstitutional. Take out your checkbook because here is where you need about $3million to cover the cadre of lawyers to fight it in Federal Court. When you lose there you can take it to the SCOTUS.  Wait 3-4 years then go to the SCOTUS and lose there too because the 17th Amendment does not give any grounds for recall-- in fact, when enacted, it totally subverted States rights. 

By this time it is 2016 and McCain is up for re-election.  If you still had your $3mill you could mount an advertising offensive to try and get him beaten in the primary..... oh wait, we did that once with JD Hayworth and made McCain spend $21mill to defeat him.  This next time we need him to spend 3 times that amount, get someone to run against him with even deeper pockets and pray that all the elitist Repubs have had enough of his progressive/communist votes and violations of the Constitution NOT to vote for him again just because he was a guest of the Hanoi Hilton.

OR, you start doing your homework and help get on the band wagon to Repeal the 17th Amendment and put the power back in the State Legislatures and restore the Republic.

If you want to carry petitions then get petitions for stopping the Medicaid Expansion or to Stop Common Core.  Both of those petitions will stop this state from going into bankruptcy.

www.urapc.com  forMedicaid petitions

http://www.arizonansagainstcommoncore.com/  for Common Core Petitions

Seriously,  many people have explored this option and we have all come to the conclusion that the place to fight the good fight is right here at home and leave the vermin in DC. We can make changes at the local and state level with far greater impact that we can in DC.  The way to get rid of the vermin is to  groom candidates from the bottom up -- that is the only thing that is going to beat DC but it isn't going to happen tomorrow.

Another example of GOP'er (We The Elite People of Culture of Corruption in ALL of Wasington DC) turncoats.

Backdoor Gun Control

7/11/2013 - A subcommittee led by Republican Congressman Frank Wolf (VA-10) rammed through $55 million to help strip more law-abiding Americans of their right to keep and bear arms.
Story line:1) This money is part of billionaire-playboy New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's scheme to coerce states into digging up virtually any reason they can to deny anyone their gun rights.
2)They would then forward whatever they find to the FBI for inclusion in the NICS system.
3)All of this is under the ruse of trying to funnel more "mental health records" into the system. There’s also a move afoot to include “medical records” as part of this “database,”: too! Imagine if this goes to E-Verify? Will never get a job!!!!

4) Bloomberg and his group, M.A.I.G., has praised Congressman Frank Wolf for allowing the money to flow, noting it was a substantial increase. YES, this $55 million lump-sum more than doubles the entire amount of federal grants aimed at beefing up nationwide no-gun black list…ever since 2009, when the program started receiving funding.
5)Many individuals have been unduly affected by having their names forwarded to NICS who: 1)have committed no crime and 2) have been afforded little or no due process.
6)Gun-grabbers believe the groundwork has already been laid to classify as many Americans as possible as “mentally unstable!”

Take action: Will House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers let this money flow? Capitol Hill sources warn, the answer might be yes.

7/18/2013 - $55 million of your tax dollars could be rubber-stamped by Republican Chairman Hal Rogers' (KY-5) Appropriations Committee hearing tomorrow morning.
This money would be distributed back to states as grants! Objective? To help "upgrade" reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) System. 

Urgent Actions needed:

1.) Contact House Appropriations at (202) 225-2771.
Chairman Hal Rogers can be reached at (202) 225-4601.
If his number is busy, you can also try:
*** Rep. C.W. Bill Young, FL-13: (202) 225-5961
*** Rep. Tom Latham, IA-3: (202) 225-5476
*** Rep. Jack Kingston, GA-1: (202) 225-5831

Urge them to oppose expanding NICS state grant funding. Insist they strike this $55 million at once.

2.) Contact YOUR Member of Congress.

3.) Give Congressman Frank Wolf an earful for cooperating with Mayor Bloomberg and his gun-grabbing cronies.
He can be reached at (202) 225-5136.

The full Appropriations Committee is scheduled to mark-up the bill tomorrow (7/18/2013) morning.
Time is of the essence, so do not wait.
Please act right away. Pray. Amen. God Bless America.

Colorado just recalled to very evil Dems, if they can do this so can Az.  Their leader was a plumber, by occupation, who was fed-up with all the anti-gun legislation and organized a task force to get-out the petitions.  McCain and Flake are by far more dangerous and should had  been removed  from office a long time ago.

Karen Gevaert said:

Colorado just recalled two very evil Dems, if they can do this so can Az.  Their leader was a plumber, by occupation, who was fed-up with all the anti-gun legislation and organized a task force to get-out the petitions.  McCain and Flake are by far more dangerous and should had  been removed  from office a long time ago.

The CO recall was of STATE Senators.  McCain and McFlake are Congressional Senators.  There is no provision to recall Congress-critters. The 17th Amendment took the power away from the States to recall Senators and created Senatorial dynasties.  We have to repeal the 17th Amendment and return to a Constitutional REPUBLIC putting the power to select the Senators back in the hands of the State Legislators.

 In reply to Karen, Couldn't be more correct. But voters are busy and don't have time to fix their government evidentally. There isn't real interest to form committee and get started Sec of state has petition ready and committee is ANYONE who will put their name on the committee form. Doesn't help much when people comment trash like above. But rhetoric is very useable. Too bad people won't go to sec of state site and get their handbook how to RECALL.

Evidentally colorada has smarter voters than arizona, at least they TRY.

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