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Well, finally GOOD NEWS --they are investigating the 9/11 cover-up in the Toronto Hearings.  This video is ongoing (live) so I have it minimized now so can listen while doing other things.  Someone who is up on  these things just sent it to me. Am sure you have all heard rumors as I have but had no documentation so did not pass them on.  This is something we can sink our teeth into.  About time they got after these crooks. Hope this scares the "male cow manure" out of them!!!

Email from friend:
    Don't give up all hope just yet.....9-11 international hearings currently underway in Toronto (see link below).....Just started today......You may see a false flag incident prior to week's end if the people behind the plot are desperate and feel they are about to be exposed...Plainly evident, by the timing of his book release, that Cheney is filling his diapers over this........Pass info on to anyone who still has a brain.

    Pax Vobiscum
Here is their official site:

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Someone directed me to more on this 9/11 conspiracy but the page was taken off--I did find this however.  This video gives more info from beginning to end.  Dr. Graham gave this info to Goss and Graham was writing a book on it but was poisoned before the book could be published.

CIA's Porter Goss and the 9/11 cover up

Graham died as the result of poisoning before his book could be published

This is the You Tube link:

I got both links in case the first one is taken off.

Are you people just yankin our chains?  My heart truly aches for all the families of 9-11 victims who might see this on a Tea Party site.....  oh not worth my time...


Sorry, Mr. Hyde but most people are aware that the families of the victims are the ones who have pushing for justice for years.  They were not satisfied with the gov't.investigation.  They are elated to see something is being done and want justice.

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