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Trevor Louden's stellar presentation and book signing

Attended Trevor Louden’s presentation at Coco’s restaurant in Paradise Valley Mall on Tuesday 10/14/2014 set for 6:30p.m. Arrived a little late, but was able to Listen to the Presenter, his overview of current political, social, and economic conditions in USA as well as Arizona…all of which Tea Partiers generally agree with (and upon). Then Mr. Louden took center stage with a riveting synopsis of his years of painstaking research into a systematic destruction of everything American and America by Die hard Marxists/communists in We The People’s midst: central governance, religious erosion, financial usurpation and finally a single branch of government The Democratic (Socialists of America)Party. Will not review every single aspect of his stellar presentation…is required participation by EVERY single American seeking to save America from “the Gulag.” Also read his books. Will though, make a statement about what additional information is necessary to round out his succinct, carefully crafted book, thought process and final, in person, presentation of all these elements laid out by him, in very digestible form. If America’s Progressive New Lefts full agenda(s) were to be completely addressed in an hour presentation would sound like crackling voices over old ham radios…indecipherable. Even unitelligible. So, here goes, thoughts on Mr. Trevor Louden’s presentation. Yes, modern day Progressive New Left activism had its origins in Woodrow Wilson’s administration (100 years or so ago). Was dormant until FDR came onto America’s political scene. FDR quickly whisked into a complete National Socialization Program everything American. Excuses for doing so abounded! In the background were America’s “Uber Rich” seeking to “slant” Constitutional philosophical tenets towards a more “Social Contract” form of American governance. This was evident in Federal Land grabs, Strong centralization of all “Rule Making,” and Executive Branch promulgating more than 3,000-odd Executive Orders. Final result of FDR’s administrtive prowess are still being felt to this day, i.e., Social Security (it has a “lock box” savings account so went the selling point and is not a financial document - Today is used in every financial transaction…even has become a personal tracking mechanism). In order to make a long story short(er), Mr. Louden should have emphasized four main tenets of Radical Modern American Progressive New Left Activism: 1) Religion - complete decimation of all religion (Chistianity) in the USA. Only one government sanctioned religion a Pagan oriented ritual. 2) Education - complete decimation of everything K-12, undergraduate and graduate in all USA, its territories. Education in its new dressings will have indoctrination into Radical Modern American Progressive New Left Activism. Period. 3) Financial - here a total discarding of a “laissez-faire” capitalist system in favor of a central command and control financial organization operated from one Executive Center (the White House). Five year plans (and budgeting) will be the norm. Government metrics will only “state the obvious,” omitting in-depth “capitalisms” business cycle type economy all in the name of “smoothing out a fluctuating market.”And lastly, 4) Governance! For this to happen, Existing “Rule of Law” and all its underpinnings (US Constitution, tort law, Judicial review, et al) would have to swept under the rug and a “one size fits all” form of Executive Control would govern every aspect of American and Americans legal (Judicial) existence. Mr. Louden skirted these four items. Maybe they’re covered in his books, don’t know. My personal opinion would have been for Mr. Louden, rounding out his presentation, moving from the periphery of his ideas, these four main points towards the “main topic” of his stellar presentation. In all, a very stimulating, thought provoking evening of enjoyment, like minded, concerned America Citizens and atmosphere of something big, bigger than each of us is happening. Just like Our Founding Fathers must have felt. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. And God Bless all Tea Partiers…We Are America.

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