Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.

[Unless you are a political party hack, then you can stay home]

Caucuses are the smallest, most grassroots meetings of the political party system.


This is the year you must go to your caucus, regardless of your political party preference.

Based on the State of the Nation, it should be clear that the people that have been attending the past caucuses haven’t made the best decisions.

In Minnesota, your caucus date is Tuesday, February 7, 2012.
If you live in a different state, Click here to find your Caucus/Primary Date - 2012 Full Primary/Caucus Calendar

For far too long now, we rank and file Americans have dutifully voted for the candidates of our respective political parties. WE THE PEOPLE have chosen and remained loyal to our respective political parties because we believed in our respective party’s platform and were persuaded by the promises of our political party candidates before each election.

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But the reality is that the day after the election, our elected officials and political parties sell their votes to the highest bidder. Our elected official’s votes are not cast in the best interests of their constituents but rather based on who gives the biggest campaign contributions and/or kickbacks…

Our Elected no longer are content to represent WE THE PEOPLE. They now want to manage, manipulate and fleece us like livestock. (If you want to better understand how your Government manages and manipulates you need to learn about Edward Bernays. You cannot protect yourself, your perspective of reality nor your family from your Government if you don't know about Edward Bernays They manage and manipulate us to get our votes and to attempt to keep us from being upset by their betrayals of our trust.

Yet somehow these incumbents have convinced WE THE PEOPLE, their constituents, to keep reelecting them.


But now, the USA is on the brink of economic and moral collapse.

Most Economists agree no nation's debts should exceed 60% of Gross Domestic Product GDP & never exceed 90%. US is at 105% & rising

“In about 20 years, the corrupt incumbent ruling class took the US from undisputed world Super Power to the brink of collapse.”Don Mashak, the Cynical Patriot

Why Robert Redford won't run for public office

USA Fear of Big Government at Near-Record Level


WE THE PEOPLE can no longer afford to be blindly loyal to our political parties and political party leaders. Things must change or we will forever lose our freedoms and standard of living.

"The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men."

Samuel Adams,
Early Leader of American Revolution,
1 of 56 Signors of US Declaration of Independence,
Massachusetts Governor (1794-1797)


Your politicians and the major media are not being truthful with you, my fellow citizens. Our Country is on the brink of collapse. Just because they are not printing it as a headline each day and down play it in the presidential debates, does not mean that crisis is not imminently upon us.

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Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

Please join with me in mutually pledging to each other and our fellow citizens our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to our mutual endeavors of restoring liberty and economic opportunity to WE THE PEOPLE as our Founding Fathers envisioned and intended. [Last sentence, US Declaration of Independence (]

Next, it has came to this author's attention that many local papers will not run letters to the editor, Op Ed pieces and articles that do not conform to the perspective of the local "Powers that be". If you have a letter to the editor that relates to this article, feel free to post it as a comment, noting that the local news source refused to run it. As long as it conforms with general decorum and is plausible, very rarely will we refuse to publish it. If you have unrelated subject matter and/or video and/or audio that you believe we would be interested in based (based on our prior articles), email it here .Send video/audio in common Internet formats or with links. Do not send video in Public Access TV and/or Cable formats. Our philosophy is that more open public dialogue is better than less public dialogue.

This article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”


Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

Those were my thoughts.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot


Republic for united State of America #RuSA

End the Fed(eral Reserve Bank System)
National Minneapolis - Express Yourself -
Write for Just Click here

Lawless America / Get A Grip America

Justice in Minnesota #JIM

Bring Home the Politicians #BHTP

Get out of our House #GOOOH

Committees of Safety History of here

United States Militia #USM

Food Freedom

Critical Thinking Notice - This author advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective.

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