Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.

   Here are ther names you'll see on your primary ballot (if you don't have it yet) in alphabetical order. I hope it's of help.


ARNETT, WAYNE CHARLES        Tempe, AZ             N/S


BENJAMIN, DONALD                    Phoenix, AZ           N/S


BOLLANDER, SIMON                    Tucson, AZ           N/S


CALLAHAN, MARK                        Oregon       


CISNEROS, CESAR                       Mesa, AZ    


DEAN, KIP                                     Phoenix, AZ        N/S


GINGRICH, NEWT                                         


GONZALES, SARAH                      Tucson,              N/S


HILL, CHRISTOPHER                     Kentucky 


LEVINSON, MICHAEL                    Florida     


LYNCH, FRANK                             Florida    


PAUL, RON                                                


PERKINS, RAYMOND SCOTT       Tucson, AZ        N/S


PERRY, AL “DICK”                       Tucson, AZ


PERRY, RICK                                              


ROEMER, BUDDY                       Louisiana             ttp://                                                    

ROMNEY, MITT                                            


SANTORUM, RICK                                       


SIMS, PAUL                               Mississippi  


SKELLEY, CHARLES                 Tucson, AZ           N/S     


TERR, JIM                                  Las Vegas, NM     N/S


WELCH, MATT                          Tucson, AZ            N/S


Mike K.


ZACK, RONALD                        Tucson, AZ            N/S


Notes: (1) City and/or State of listed residency     (2) N/S - Candidate has no WEB site     

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