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Comment by AZRanger on April 18, 2013 at 7:57am

Hi fellow Arizona Patriots! If you are looking for others in Maricopa County, who are like-minded. Well, we have the answer!


This Saturday 04/20/13 at 1:00PM, a large number of us are having a Meet & Greet in the Parking lot of Cabelas. We will be under the sign for the “B” section of their parking lot. It is to the north closer to the Native New Yorker.


We will be monitoring FRS/GMRS family radios Ch 8. You can also call AZRanger’s cell ph at: 602-471-5912.


If you want to meet a bunch of very great like-minded people, I suggest you come to the M&G!


Bring a chair and something to drink as it ca get a bit warm out there. Anyone with a canopy, please come earlier and we can create some shade. Hope to see everybody there.


Comment by AZRanger on January 2, 2013 at 3:13pm


To All Arizona Residents!

There will be a 2nd Amendment Rally at the Arizona State Capital, in Phoenix, on Feb 16, 2013 at approx Noon MST! The purpose of this gathering is to let the powers that be know without a doubt, that the citizens of Arizona will NOT ALLOW any further curtailment of our Constitutional Rights, and in particular, the 2nd Amendment!

We intend to show them this is NOT open for debate! This may be our LAST opportunity to influence the AZ State Legislature to pass state legislation that would prevent further federal infringement on Arizona citizen's 2nd Amendment Rights!

No further Registration Requirements!; No Ammo Restrictions!; No Magazine Restrictions!; No Semi-Automatic Restrictions! What part of "Shall Not Be Infringed," do they not get????

Everyone, since this is a 2nd Amendment Rally, it is appropriate to bring long guns, unchambered and unloaded (bring magazines, but keep in pocket-THIS WAY NO ACCIDENTS!) sidearms, of course, but in order to reach the widest audience possible, we should COME IN CIVVIES, no uniform,s or tac-gear!This is not a militia rally, so we hope to generate support from all firearms enthusiats, such as hunters, gun club members, and other sports/outdoors people!

If we don't do this in a big way, we will emboden the enemies of the Republic to move faster in their takeover attempts! If anyone can get ahold of your Congressional representatives, and get them to commit to speaking at the rally, that would help! I know some of you have an inside track on this, and we can use all the help we can get! Some political and patriotic notables have already committed to being there!

That's all for now, but remrmber to attend the meeting on Jan 10th at 7PM, to help with the planning! Please contact me via this site if you need the address and directions. All are welcome for this meeting, and we can accommodate well over a hundred.

Even if you are not in Phoenix, please come to the Valley for this meeting, and help us make a REAL STATEMENT about our basic rights as a human being, and an AMERICAN Citizen!

And, then join us on Feb 16th at the Capital!

In the Spirit of ARIZONA Liberty,

Rally Coordinator


Sic Semper Tyrannus!

Comment by L.A.Keating on December 28, 2012 at 1:24pm

   I'm posting this on a number of Tea Party sites, to let everybody know that there are plans for a rally on Jan 21, at Bolin Park.. The main point, of the rally, is to protest President Obama's policies.

    However, as we all know, our rallies are "Free Fire" zones. Anything and everything is open. The only requirements are, keep it peaceful and stay polite. NO personal attacks. And pick up after yourself, when it's over. We have a reputation for leaving places in better shape than they were when we got there. Let's not change that.

   These rallies are our roots. They were always effective in getting people motivated. But we got away from them. In my opinion, that is part of the reason for the results of the 2012 election.

   The announcement in the "Events" section of the GPTPP site will be updated as things evolve.

Mike K.

Comment by chris gonzales on September 5, 2012 at 3:46pm

Its time to wake up ?

Comment by AZRanger on November 2, 2011 at 9:14am

I haven't seen any other posts on the site as to whether we can get the TEA Party members to attend the rally. We now have the Sons of Liberty Riders, and the Riders USA showing as well as other Vets in the state!

Come on folks, lets get the TPs moving, motivated, and attending this wonderful event. Nov 11th at Noon Arizona State Capital! This is our chance to let our legislators know how we feel about some VERY important issues!

Does anyone want to get a few folks together to speak on issues! I can get Casey Nethercott to speak about his personal sacrifice for freedom and our border integrity! He is the guy who the DOJ and the SPLC stole his property from him, illegally and Un-Constitutionally a few years back here in AZ!

Anybody want to hear his story? Let me know!

In the Spirit of Liberty,

Comment by AZRanger on October 27, 2011 at 9:34am

Here is a flyer idea. I am not a great graphics person, but maybe it is a start! It is a word doc as an attachment.



BTW, has anyone heard of an illegal roadblock yesterday in Scottsdale at the 101 and the 60. Stopping commercial traffic and citing anyone who has a private vehicle being used for commercial purposes, and other violations? They used motorcycles as chase vehicles if you did not pull over!

BTW, who do they think they are?????


Arizona State Guard
Comment by AZRanger on October 26, 2011 at 12:31pm

Hi All!

I have been giving a lot of thought to the idea of the Veteran's march on DC on 11/11/11; and for those who can't afford to go we could show a lot of support for their efforts by holding a rally at the State Capitol at noon on that day!

We could show support for their efforts, and send a clear message to our legislature concerning the Unconstitutional National Popular Vote scandal that is being foisted on the people of this country! The left, as funded by George Soros, is attempting to eliminate the Constitutionally-mandated Electoral College, so they can move the US from a Constitutional Republic to a Democracy without going through Congress, or a Constitutional Convention!

We need to let our Legislators know that this is unacceptable, and if they pull this BS, they will be removed from office by force, if necessary!

Is anyone interested in doing this? Please let me know! Let's get a bunch of folks down there.

In the Spirit of Liberty,


Arizona State Guard
Comment by Nancy Hoff on October 24, 2011 at 4:29pm
Unfortunately, someone must have hi-jacked the sites.  If it comes from an individual, let them know so they can change their password.
Comment by Patriot602 on October 24, 2011 at 4:24pm
I keep getting promo emails from this site and all other Tea party sites regarding someone wanting me to watch a video. STOP SENDING THIS CRAP!
Comment by JOHN DELASAUX on October 24, 2011 at 4:05pm
Hey ! What about this big advertisement about Flipping Houses, on the Mesa Page ???

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