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NEW LOCATION FOR MEETINGS:NW Valley Tea Party10050 W Bell Road, Suite 49, Sun City, AZ 85351Next Meeting:  March 10th    6-9pm…Continue

Started by Jan Sniderman Mar 5, 2015.


charged with reckless assullt and endangerment on 6/10/11 by state of Arizona..Time for an investigation.I believe he is innocent untill proven guilty. but bruises usually can't lie...Continue

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Started by Nicholas Funk. Last reply by Kristen Hammond Jun 10, 2011.

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The next NWValley TEA Party meeting will be Tuesday, March 22 from 6:30-8pm at the Royal Cafe, located at 10793 W. Grand Avenue, Sun City.  Meeting starts at 6:30pm but feel free to arrive earlier to…Continue

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This is a very powerful video.  A must see for all patriots.…Continue

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Comment by Rob Sharpe on January 18, 2011 at 8:17am

Councilman Mattox: Water Fee Increase Needs Deeper Review

Phoenix Councilman Claude Mattox and Council members Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates say a vote on the proposed $23 million water rate increase, scheduled for a 3 p.m vote on Wednesday, January 19, is premature.  A more thoughtful and reasonable approach requires more review to see if cost savings can be discovered, thereby eliminating the proposed water rate increase.

The public has seen reductions in their income, businesses in their communities boarded up and neighbors losing their homes, it has become incumbent upon Phoenix officials to do more with less and to cut our own budget first.  The public has suffered a dramatic increase in their water bills only to have Phoenix ask for more.

The three council members want  an intense and complete review of water department operations and alternatives to the proposed hike. Five votes are needed to pass the rate hike or to postpone a decision while the review is completed.

“Phoenix must look internally first for cost savings and more transparency so Phoenix rate payers further understand  the impact of this rate increase.  Please let everyone know that Councilmembers Mattox and Gates are looking for a more reasonable and thoughtful approach to city operations, and to thank them for doing so,” DiCiccio said.

Your calls, emails and faxes to the Council are working.  The only way you will see substantive change at City Hall is for you express your concerns.  Please send this to anyone you feel is concerned about their water bills.

Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Councilman - District 6

Comment by Rob Sharpe on January 14, 2011 at 3:55pm

DeCiccio's desk:

The debate over a city-proposed 7 percent water rate hike completes a trilogy of misinformation over tax and rate increases you have seen this past year and poses serious concerns over Phoenix’s credibility with taxpayers.

Let me present three significant myths you have been told and what story the evidence – including city reports and transcripts linked below of City Council discussions – truly supports:

  • Myth 1: Food tax to save police and fire or pay for raises and bonuses?
    Phoenix declares a fiscal emergency and on Feb. 2 passes a $50 million per year food tax with barely 24 hours notice.  The claim was that without the tax, police and fire would be cut.

          Fact, on June 23, the city granted $29.6 million per year to city staff in PAY RAISES and BONUSES.  (Please go HERE to see the agenda item from the June 23 Formal meeting regarding merit and longevity increases)
  • Myth 2: Property tax increase to save bond integrity or to pay staff?
    Phoenix declares a fiscal emergency in June saying that the secondary debt (used to pay off citizen-approved debt) is in dire shape and will have a structural deficit if the Council does not approve a huge property tax rate increase. 

         Fact, on July 7, the city shifted $18.9 million from this fund to pay employee and operational expenses, creating the crisis it sought to avoid. Eventually, it will come to you again for a property tax increase to stabilize the debt fund.  (Please go HERE to see the transcripts from the July 7 property tax vote.)
  • Myth 3: Water rate increase for health and safety or to pay staff?
    Phoenix declares that the health and safety of your water is in jeopardy unless council raises your water rates $22.9 million per year, or 7 percent on top of 40 percent in the past 5 years.

        Fact, on Dec. 14, the city reports that 303 people cut from other departments are being shifted to the Water Department at a cost of $19.3 million per year. (Please go HERE to see the memo from the acting Water Services director.)

In all three of these above events, city management led you to believe that your hard-earned money, earned in this recession while shouldering cuts and hardships, was needed for health and safety. But most of it went to make sure no one at the city had to bear the similar burdens as your family. I don’t think that’s fair, nor worthy of an institution that calls itself America’s best-run city. Best run for whom?

Two solutions:

Compensate public employees commensurate with what the area’s private sector employees get. Even if we excluded police and fire, Phoenix would save over $300 million per year.  The current system is unsustainable with the average employee cost at $100,000/year for over 15,000 employees.    Then use that saved money for youth, seniors, libraries, police, fire and other truly strategic services.  This solution alone would solve our fiscal crisis.
Seek competitive bids for all non-strategic city government functions (excluding police, fire and judges).  We should at the very least get bids to see what the market provides.  For example, Phoenix has one of the largest auto repair shops in the state, spending $34 million per year in-house.  We should see if anyone can provide better service at a lower cost, without the huge pension costs that are decimating government budgets everywhere. 

Comment by Rob Sharpe on January 6, 2011 at 10:14am
More on the proposed water rate increase, does sound very coincidental.
From Sal DiCiccio's desk:

Water rates: Phoenix misleading you
Phoenix management and staff are misleading you about the true reason for the proposed 7 percent water rate hike. Here are the facts:

On Jan. 19, Water Department staff will be asking for a $22.9 million more from you in 2011. In the past year alone, staff transferred 165 new people into the Water Department. It plans to add another 98 this year, with 30-40 hires “in transition.”

The cost of all of these positions? A bit north of $19 million a year.

It sounds like a coincidence that the rate increase request is in the same ballpark as the cost of new employees, doesn’t it? It is not.

Phoenix managers have been telling you how dramatically they’ve shed employees, cut expenses, improved efficiencies and cut pay. Actually, they have borne little of the personal financial brunt of the recession. The city has shifted that pain to you.

Employee cuts were made to some departments only to be transferred to Water. Your rates are to be jacked up to pay for those transfers. Attached is a staff report showing all the job transfers to the Water Department for 2010 and 2011 plus a Republic article.

The Water Department declared victory by saying it could cut 3 percent of its budget this year. That’s 3 percent, one time, and on top of 40 percent hikes in the past five years and the same planned for the next five years. How much has your family budget been cut over the past five years? How about where you work? Do you think a 40 percent increase, a 3 percent cut and a 7 percent increase (with more planned) resembles anything close to “sacrifice?”

I believe Phoenix has to pay its contracted debt for projects. I support a department that delivers sufficient and safe water to Phoenix citizens. I do not believe city management or the Water Department has tried hard enough to do the same things you have had to do to make ends meet in these difficult times. It seems apparent that, instead of doing that, they have raised your taxes and fees and dropped your service so no one in city hall is even marginally hurt by the recession. Too bad for customers and taxpayers.

I have long advocated for more transparency in government and that these shenanigans must stop. Phoenix will stop when you, the boss, demand that it stops.

I need your help. Please forward this email to all who may be concerned; then call, write and attend meetings to let your elected representatives know your wishes. This is the only way we can stop this.

Sounds like good advice.
Comment by Rob Sharpe on January 4, 2011 at 2:26pm
PS: That was from Bill Gates BTW......sorry. =(
Comment by Rob Sharpe on January 4, 2011 at 2:25pm
It is possible some of you may be interested in this meeting:

District 3 Coffee Chat

This serves as a reminder that on Thursday, January 6th, I will be holding my monthly Coffee Chat meeting. This month we will be at Sunnyslope High School (35 W. Dunlap), beginning at 7:30am. Due to limited parking space, guests are encouraged to carpool, or if you are working on your New Years resolution of exercising more, consider parking off-site and walking. We will meet in the east conference room - enter directly from east parking lot (closest to KFC). I am pleased to welcome the new Commander of Desert Horizon, Jeff Hynes, as our first guest speaker, followed by Karen Peters from the City's Government Affairs Division to discuss how you can become more involved in the state legislature. School Superintendent Jennifer Johnson from the Glendale Union High School District will be the final guest speaker. Congratulations to the Glendale Union High School District on their centennial celebration this year. Please come enjoy a light breakfast and learn more about what is happening in your community.

19th Avenue Bikeway/Pedestrian Bridge & Multi-use Path

Immediately following my Coffee Chat meeting is the subcommittee meeting in which my colleagues and I will discuss the proposed bridge project on 19th Avenue. This meeting will be held at City Hall, in the 12th floor Subcommittee room. I apologize that the link provided for the agenda to Thursday's meeting was incorrect. To view the agenda for the Transportation, Infrastructure & Sustainability Subcommittee meeting please click on the following link:
Comment by Rob Sharpe on January 3, 2011 at 8:09am

Although, unable to attend myself, due to work schedule. Others may have a more open schedule. FYI:

Next Thursday, January 6th, the Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability Subcommittee will be looking at options on how to proceed with the proposed bikeway/pedestrian bridge project on 19th Avenue, south of Greenway Road.  I encourage you to attend this meeting to learn more and share your comments.  The details are as follows: 

When: Thursday, January 6th
Time: 10:00am 
Where: City Hall (200 W. Washington), 12th floor subcommittee room. This location is subject to change - we will notify you of any changes. Parking is available at the city parking garage at 305 W. Washington.

Comment by Rob Sharpe on December 28, 2010 at 10:08am

Again, from the desk of Sal DiCiccio:

The Phoenix Water Department wants to raise your rates another 7 percent next year.

That’s on top of a 40 percent water rate increase over the past 5 years. And there is more coming: The Water Department is seeking rate hikes of 7 to 5 percent every single year out to 2016. Those are cumulative increases, which behave like compound interest.

Here’s the proposed rate hike schedule:

  •  March, 2011 – 7 percent increase
  •  March, 2012 – 7 percent increase
  •  March, 2013 – 6.25 percent increase
  •  March, 2014 – 5.5 percent increase
  •  March, 2015 – 5 percent increase
  •  March, 2016 -- 5 percent increase

The staff recommendation for a rate increase once again demonstrates that they are more interested in protecting themselves than protecting you and your families.
The only way we can stop this insanity of fee hikes is for you to get involved and voice your concerns.  Otherwise you will continue to face higher taxes, higher fees and receive fewer services for it.  Your voice is the only one that matters. Call, write, email, fax – do whatever you need to do to make them pay attention at city hall.

I am not convinced this increase is necessary for many reasons.

In preparing to sell this rate increase schedule, the Water Department noted that it was taking a 3 percent reduction in its budget. Given how every other business – and every family – has had to sacrifice to make ends meet in this economy, we don’t believe that 3 percent represents much of a cost-cutting effort. It’s dismal, as a matter of fact.  

Raising rates by 40 percent in the past five years, then cutting the budget by 3, then setting annual rate increase much higher than the inflation we’ve experienced for years isn’t convincing evidence of a hard try at managing resources.

The city claims it made sacrifices and cuts. It did, in fact, cut some departments, only to transfer people to another. Rates would be raised to pay for this shift. I call this the worker shuffle.

During the budget process this past year, the Water Department had more than 200 job openings it was protecting (city staff whose positions had been changed got first crack at those jobs, before the public).  The department plans to have 165 of those slots filled by the end of 2010. It expects to fill the other in the coming year.

These rate hikes are no different than a tax increase. They certainly hurt our businesses, not to mention families, which already have been forced to cut back a lot more than an one-time 3 percent in this difficult recession.

I don’t think they’ve tried hard enough to reduce costs before slapping on rate hike after rate hike, and I won’t vote for an increase until I witness a lot more cost-cutting effort on the part of the city and the Water Department.

You shouldn’t put up with this either. Please send this column out to others; let them know what is about to happen to them. This stacking of rate increase upon rate increase on you while the city pretends to make sacrifices will not stop until they hear your voice.


It is a bit of a stuggle to believe that the water dept can only find 3 percent when asking for another 7 percent. Granted we are ina a recession and the building industry is slow, to the point of almost being non-existent. I'm sure the usage has dipped some, judging from the almost complete stoppage in new construction. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that more could be found to reduce if the incentive were there...... Just my humble opinion.

Comment by Rob Sharpe on November 12, 2010 at 1:16pm
Latest update from Sal Dciccio;

$100,000/yr city employees to get big bonuses
How would you like it if your employer gave you a $17,000 increase in your pay during the recession on top of a Cadillac benefits package and double retirement benefits – and then offered a $16,000 bonus for doing a good job?

.Welcome to the City of Phoenix and to new policy passed on Nov. 3, which I voted against. Here is what you already pay employees:

• You already pay more than $200 million a year for employee pensions, plus a 401(k).
• You pay employees either an annual step increase (a percentage jump) or a bonus called “longevity pay,” which amounts to thousands of dollars every year.
• You give them an enviable health care plan (undoubtedly better than yours), a generous holiday schedule and hugely better job security than you get in the private sector.
• The average total of all this pay and benefits is about $100,000 per year for about 15,000 employees.

But the city decided that evidently was not enough to keep your employees motivated. So Phoenix increased the incentive bonus employees could earn (by coming up with new ways to save the city money) from $3,500 to two-thirds of $25,000 (the other third goes to the department).

By the way, take a wild guess who’s paying for all of this? No doubt Phoenix believes you can well afford this.

Readers of these posts will also recall that so far this year the city has raised taxes and fees $100 million on your families and businesses while reducing programs, hours, locations and service levels.

Does anyone think these are trend lines that are good for Phoenix? Do we think that increasing already generous employee benefits – again – is going to help the city climb out of the hole it has dug for itself?

I think not. I believe city management, which has no plan for addressing unsustainable and increasing labor costs, must get its head out of the sand and develop just that.

I don’t see how anyone can look at the results of this month’s election and see any message other than fiscal accountability – and fairness for the taxpayer -- in government. Phoenix can no longer ignore the elephant in the room.

This is our city management in action. Doesn't sound like a recession to me. Perhaps we are just dreaming this whole thing. I don't know about you, but I haven't rec'd a raise in over two years and will be lucky to just keep my position this coming year. Keep watching for more on this......
Comment by Rob Sharpe on November 9, 2010 at 7:57am
FYI, from Sal Diciccio Phoenix Councilman, Huge employee cuts at city hall – not quite

With election season over, our focus must continue to be on job creation, internal reorganization making government more transparent.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be exposing actions taken by your city that I believe are not in the best interest of you, your family and a better functioning government. Phoenix is heading in the same direction that as other stodgy bureaucracies whose major goal was to protect the status quo, such as California, General Motors, Detroit and Greece. I will be offering what I think are better alternatives to that path.

The point of this message is to give you the real facts behind some recent pronouncements by from city management. I am sure you have heard that the city has eliminated anywhere from 1,500 – 2,000 “actual people,” a statement that is misleading at best.

The real number of people who have been let go during this last round of budget cuts is 15 not 1,500-2,000 "actual" people. Below is the city-produced transcript from our City Council meeting this summer that confirms that number. Additionally, according to city staff, about 52 people were let go in the prior budget year, 12 of them permanent employees and 40 temporary. Over a two year period the grand total of individuals let go is around 67.

Unfortunately, you were given the impression that Phoenix made substantial cuts to personnel and that “tough” sacrifices were made. In fact, as with any large organization of 15,000-plus people, you have normal attrition and resignations that affect your employee total. Attrition, resignation and cutting vacant slots does lower body count, but it doesn’t come under the heading of making tough sacrifices or eliminating positions, as it has been portrayed.

I will be sending you future messages covering topics such as the true cost of pensions and its impact on the taxes you pay, policies passed by the city that will have a negative impact on your property tax, a new policy granting large bonuses to employees, a new process that will ensure future fee increases and much more.

As always, I encourage you to pass this along to everyone you know who cares about the direction of Phoenix.

As usual, the establishment would have you believe they are doing their part to help the budget, but it is just "smoke and mirrors".

Just thought I would pass this on......=)
Comment by Ron Harders on October 8, 2010 at 6:08pm
If you don't like the phones, how about some help putting up 4 x 8 signs. Contact Ron @ 602-243-0111. We have about 50 more to get up by Monday night. Tues is the Meeting at the Jumbo Buffet. We could be ready to celebrate the signs being up and signing up volunteers for precinct walks and phone banks. The weather is cooling off and there are only 3 weeks left after the meeting. Would also like to discuss giving rides to polling places for the voters. C'mon gang. or do you like Ed Pastor as your congressman?

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