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Organizers Take On Immigration Enforcement Leadership -- Without Talking About Immigration

"Please don't be coerced into cooperating with these Berkeley, Saul Alinsky-trained community organizers," the motorcyclist pleaded. The crowd erupted in cheers.

Yep Vince, they are writing about you. Took them long enough. Must have had to think, I use the term lightly, a while to get their brains to gel.

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Great Find Kevin.

Good Job Vince.

I really wish they would not use Immigration as it REALLY is an Invasion of Illegal alien's !

This story is skewed of course, to make it appear that only the leftists supporting Parraz get arrested for public disruptions, while Tea Party supporters of Sheriff Joe get a free pass. As I am that "frustrated Motorcyclist" pointing out the anti-American nature of the group attempting to undermine Arpaio, I was very much aware of what occurred during and after my statement. Yes, I did receive some applause from the motorcyclists and Tea Party folks present, but the bulk of the disruption came from the Parraz side. The author of the story failed to report the raucous outburst of laughter and hoots that came from Parraz and his dupes whose intent was to demean and mock my statement. Needless to say, I was very pleased with having struck a raw nerve that elicited the heckling......LOL!   

Dam patriot and anti-Saul Alinskyi person!


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