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SB1070 Supreme Court Hearing


Two years and two days after Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona signed SB1070 into law, arguments for and against the Constitutionality of certain provisions of that bill will be heard in the United States Supreme Court. On April 25, 2012 a delegation of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party will be in Washington DC to convey the overwhelming support that this legislation has among Arizonans. Along with American Council for Immigration Reform we’ll be hosting a “Stand with Arizona” rally near the Supreme Court building at 9:30 am. Additionally, on Tuesday April 24th we’ll be the guest of the Northern Virginia Tea Party to hear SB1070 authors Russell Pearce (former Arizona State Senator) and Kris Kobach (Secretary of State for Kansas) share their thoughts ahead of their defense of this bill during the Supreme Court hearing the following day.


Our organization has seen this bill through the entire legislative process and many of our members were present the day Governor Brewer signed it into law. We were also present in the courtroom when Justice Susan Bolton enjoined certain provisions of the bill at the urging of attorneys representing the Obama Administration against the State of Arizona.


The vast majority of Americans support legal immigration; as do we. That same majority supports SB1070 along with the enforcement of existing United States Immigration laws; they are opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty in any form. We believe that SB1070 merely codifies Federal Immigration Law and gives Arizona the tools it needs to cope with many of the serious problems associated with illegal immigration. If the Federal Government vacates its enumerated duty to enforce immigration law and actually encourages by its executive policies immigration laws to be broken, then a State should not be expected to remain defenseless while its citizens suffer resultant harm. The Obama Administration should be thanking Arizona and welcoming its assistance; not wasting tax payer dollars in suing them for picking up slack.


Our message to the American people as we reach out to them for their support is that they need to stand up and assert their 10th Amendment Rights like Arizona is doing with SB1070.  If the United States Government will go after one State for simply defending its citizens, then they will not hesitate to go after any other State for supporting an issue that doesn’t fit their apparent designs for an ever-expanding scope of Federal power.

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