How to Lobby Effectively

How to Effectively Lobby the Legislature

If you want to stop a bill, or help move it along, here is how you can be most effective:

1.  Contact YOUR Legislator.  They are concerned with what their constituents are saying, so be sure to tell them first. You have two State Representatives, and one State Senator.  They are not Congressmen, but Assemblymen.  You can find yours by clicking here.  

         a.  Call each of them!  A single phone call carries the weight of

              50 constituents.  This is the single best way to get your voice heard.

         b.  Email - If you must email, do the following for maximum effect:

                     1.  Start with "Support" or "Oppose" in the subject line

                     2.  Include the bill number (if applicable)

                     3.  Include topic (Legislators don't memorize every bill number

                          and don't have time to look up all the bills in their email.


Example Email Subject: "Support SCR1014 - Vietnam War Commemorative Partner" 

2. Sign up for the ALIS system and comment on bills 

Found at, ALIS is the computer system used when bills are being heard in committee.  Before a bill can be heard on the floor of the House or Senate, it must first be assigned to a committee and receive a majority yes vote before it advances.  This is the most difficult part of the process.  There are 3000+ bills each year but only a small fraction make it out of committee.  

To help your bill receive a majority yes or no vote, use the ALIS system.  You can create an account from the comfort of your home by going here.

Committee members are signed into ALIS while discussing bills.  It tells them who  is in favor, neutral, or opposed to the bill, and whether or not they want to speak. For those who do not wish to speak, they can leave a statement as to their support or opposition of the bill and why.

On the State Legislature website, look for the photo of the chandelier hanging from the dome.  Right under the picture are links, one of which says, "Request to Speak."  It will ask you to sign in and put in your bill number.  It walks you through the process and is fairly easy.  Place your comments in the box and whether you are for, against, or neutral on the bill.  When the committee is considering the bill, they will see your comments and take them into consideration.  Only a handful of folks actually do this, and it is usually dominated by stakeholders and lobbyists.  Therefore it is important for citizens to get involved and make their voices heard!

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