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Initial Summary of GPTPP in D.C. for SB1070

Greater Phoenix Tea Party in D.C for SB1070

What an amazing trip to D.C.—members and leaders of the GPTPP have played a key role in the success that SB1070 has enjoyed and thanks to many of you, two from our delegation were able to be present inside the Supreme Court when the historic arguments were made Wednesday.  While it cannot be said that everything went according to plan, it can be said that the trip was an overwhelming success and that many things went far beyond our expectations.  There is so much to share about this journey and the patriots on the East Coast who joined us that one report cannot possibly contain it all.  Please consider this a preliminary report.  Many of the photos and videos from the trip will be forthcoming on our site.


Day one for me actually began on Monday the 23rdof April.  I woke up at 4am and put in a full day of work which ended at 7pm.  I then rushed home to pack and headed off to Sky Harbor for an 11:59pm departure to Reagan National in D.C. with an intermediate 3 hour stop in Milwaukee.


Upon arrival at 11am D.C. time, the texts and phone calls began in an effort to bring our team together and get busy.  Kathryn, Pam, and Tiffany were already there—Lisa joined us at about 11:45am.  Kathryn and Pam attended a 10am Committee hearing hosted by Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Dick Durbin.  The goal of that hearing was to grille Russell Pearce but Mr. Pearce man-handled Schumer who thought he was going to host a successful ambush.  We’ll post video of that hearing soon (it is well worth viewing).  A well-known Phoenix activist was there trying to get a “Recall Pearce” sign in the shot behind the former Senator.  His efforts were rebuffed and counsel may be considering action against him. 


We then were invited to a press conference near the U.S. House with Senator Pearce and Congressman Steve King which was hosted by Judicial Watch.  All the major media outlets were there and once again, SB1070 was defended well from the usual misleading questions offered by reporters.  In fact, throughout the trip, the media seemed to be frustrated that their usual tactics weren’t working on the defenders of SB1070 because we were all aggressively rejecting the premises of their questions.  When reporters were asking, ”What do you say to those who consider SB1070 racist, or that it will lead to racial profiling?”  The replies included everything from, “the bill specifically states that racial profiling is prohibited under SB!070,” to “the racists are on the other side, they’re the ones who have among their most prominent supporters a group that calls itself La Raza; that literally means The Race.  Can you imagine if a group on our side dared to adopt that name?” 


The most enjoyable event for us was the Tuesday evening meeting when we were hosted by the Northern Virginia Tea Party and Ron Wilcox.  Most of us were late because no one could find it but that didn’t spoil the evening in the least.  There were over 50 of the truest Patriots you’ll ever run into gathered to hear Senator Pearce and Secretary of State Kris Kobach speak.  Despite having no sleep since 4am the previous day, I took the podium for a few minutes to let the people there know that we here in Arizona enthusiastically support SB1070 and we were very appreciative of their help.  I began by asking them if they knew what an Arizona Patriot flag looked like.  They had no idea.  So I invited Senator Pearce up front to help me unfurl a large Arizona “Bite Me” flag.  The room exploded with laughter and enthusiasm!  I presented that flag to the Northern Virginia Tea Party on behalf of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party.  We should always consider them a sister group. 


As I spoke, I emphasized the need for Virginians and all other Americans to “Stand with Arizona” in this critical 10thAmendment battle.  I assured them we’d have their back should they face any similar fights involving States’ Rights.  Everyone in that room spoke sincerely and incessantly about the praise and respect they have for the people of Arizona and what we are doing in taking on Obama’s regime.  I cannot tell you how proud that made me, especially standing in that part of our country where so much of our heritage was born.  They generously bought 75 Arizona flags to donate to rally goers at the Supreme Court and many of them showed up the following day for the rally. 


Tiffany Reugner of Tea (formerly of Tea Party Express) brought word of their effort to restore and strengthen the Tea Party Caucus in Washington.  Following her, Senator Pearce talked for quite a while, and really spoke from his heart about the battle we are in.  We were extremely honored to have Kris Kobach close things out; he addressed many technical aspects of the law and how he expected the U.S. attorneys to have a difficult task based upon the arguments they intended to make against SB1070.  I have to say in retrospect, after hearing the case the following day, he was right on the money.   


After the event, our team caught the very last Metro train by the skin of our teeth at Vienna station.  We then all transferred to other last trains and split up to our various hotels until the next day.  I finally checked into my hotel at about 1:30am, showered, and immediately got dressed to leave and stand in line at the Supreme Court.  I had hoped to get there by 3:30am but the cab I called at 2:30 didn’t arrive until 4am.  I got to the Court at 4:45am to find myself number 53 in line, and surrounded by Occupier types and illegal immigration activists.  About an hour later, the line was nearly double in size.  I thought being number 53 was safe as there are usually 60 tickets given out to sit in on the full hearing of the Court.  The temperature was about 35 degrees and everyone was glad to see the sun come up at about 6:45.  Unless you had a sleeping bag you had to stand the whole time to have any chance at keeping warm.  I could handle the cold, it was the non-stop propaganda from liberal know-nothings chirping away that made the wait hard to bear. 


At 7:30 the guard with the “golden tickets” appeared in order to hand them out but we were tremendously disappointed when he stopped at number “50.”  Those first 50 people were immediately seated in the Court for a hearing that wouldn’t begin until 10am.  The rest of us were forced to either give up or wait in line until about 9:50am to see if any additional full hearing seats would open up.  During that time, the three of us (I and the two extremely liberal girls in front of me) were interviewed numerous times because of our prominent position at the front of the line.  I always countered their arguments when being interviewed.  Most of the press didn’t know at first we were just standbys.  While all this was happening, Bob and Mike from American Council on Immigration Reform were kicking off our jointly sponsored rally on the opposite side of the steps from our location.  When 9:50 came, two guards appeared and all we saw were green tickets.  We accepted our fate and I reflected on how thankful I was to the cab company for showing up so late.  Wouldn’t you know, one of the guards was hiding in his palm, 7 “golden tickets.”  He ordered the first 7 in line to follow him and we gladly did.  We were led through the security screening process and the claim room to check our belongings before assuming our place in court.


The actual Supreme Court room is musty and the atmosphere makes your eyelids very heavy.  Once I was seated I was able to pray for our country for about 5 minutes asking God to intervene in this matter and give all of the Justices wisdom.  That was a very poignant moment when the weight of this day in history became real and full.  Staying awake was less of a challenge going forward.  The case presentation went fairly well for Paul Clement and Arizona.  Justice Sotomayor provided the majority of questions to him from a challenge standpoint.  The real entertainment came as tremendous incredulity was hurled at General Verrilli representing the Obama Administration.  Even justice Sotomayor seemed to think their ideas weren’t going to make any headway at persuading the Court.  We adjourned after an hour and ten minutes to go outside and relay our experiences to the crowds and the media.


The Greater Phoenix rally was a modest success from an attendance standpoint and a tremendous success based upon the speakers and the Rivoli Review’s performance.  Bob and Mike from ANCIR did a great job picking up all the rental equipment and getting it set up near the steps of the SC.  They distributed the donated Arizona flags to rally goers and began to counter the opposing rally with our PA system on full.  The National Anthem was sung and the Rivoli Review ended up playing their song “Stand with Arizona” 3x’s.  They also were confronted by the other side when they sang “Press one for English;” but Kay held her own I’m told and then some.  Following the hearing we had several lawmakers stop by and take the mic to convey their thoughts.  Among those were, Russell Pearce, Congressmen Steve King, Paul Gosar, Ben Quayle, and Kansas SOS Kris Kobach.  If I left any off, I will add them later.


The opposition was not nearly as big as it was in Phoenix the day Governor Brewer signed the bill, but as expected, young teenagers comprised most of their crowd and they were bussed in and told what to chant by, of all things, SEIU workers.  We have pics of their SEIU shirts logos that can be seen showing through their over shirts.  I’ll post those as soon as they get forwarded to me.  Randy Parraz was there  and spoke to the media and the crowd.  As he was gloating during an interview I heard someone shout, “You’re gonna lose this one Randy.”  He was very agitated by this and asked, “Who said that, what’s your name?”  The guy repeated, “you’re gonna lose this one big time Randy!”  Parraz had no response.  It’s nice to see people are standing up to these thugs and their usual Saul Alinsky tactics are becoming transparent and losing their effect on people.


To celebrate the following day we made a trip to the National Archives to view the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  That put exclamation point on why we are doing this and why this trip was worth it.


During all of these events, valuable contacts were made to further the goals of the GPTPP, Arizonans, Tea Partiers, and Americans intent on restoring Constitutional principles to our Government.  This trip was not an end in itself, but a series of doors that were blasted open through which we will eagerly step as we take the Greater Phoenix Tea Party to the next level.  There is much more to come on this story.  Please stay tuned and a very special thanks to all of you who supported us and helped out in this endeavor.


Chris Rossiter

President—Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots


Shhh, don't tell Chris, but I am posting this picture of him.  Doesn't he look great?!

Look at what's in his hand.  Looks like he removed his belt to give ol' Randy Parraz a whippin...


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