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-Will Americans revolt over gun confiscation?

-Should the Governor override the legislators and extend unemployment benefits?

-Are you surprised that Trump is not running?

-What party violently opposed Irish immigration in the 1800s?

-Do you support Israel?

-What is the most essential commponent of an emergency survival kit?

-What do you think of S.679 giving Obama ability to make appointments without Senate confirmation?

- Have you noticed food prices going up?

-Will you buy a Don't Tread On Me license plate?

-Will you join the new AZ Miliitia?

-Do you think the Dollar is about to crash?

-Was Pres. Bush right to decline Obama's invite to Ground Zero?

-Which foreign head of state did Obama call on his first day as President?

-What do you think about Trump's F-bombs?

-4th of July event?

-Will conservatives be able to get behind one candidate?

-Rate AZGOP Tom Morrissey's job so far.

-Who should replace Speaker Adams when he steps down?

-Does today's birth certificate establish natural born citizenship?

-Who here still supports Jan Brewer?

-Is the tea party starting to fizzle?

-Are you concerned with Google, Apple, and others tracking your phone?

-What is your reaction to Gov. Brewer's veto of Presidential Certification bill?

-Do you agree with the tea party license plate?

-Are you going to call the Governor about eligibility bill?

 -Should GPTPP and the Capitol hecklers meet for a civil town-hall discussion?

-Will Governor Brewer sign the preisdential certification bill?

-Whatis going on with Glenn Beck?

-Are you attending the April 15th tea party?

-Who is to blame if the government shuts down?

-Would you attend a Donald Trump event here in Phoenix?

-Will there be a challenger to Jeff Flake for Senate?

-How are you registered? 

-When whas GPTPP's first rally?

-Should Boehner step down for supporting spending?

-Will Gabrielle Giffords announce a run for the Senate?

-What do you think about the call for destruction of the Statue of Liberty?

-What do you think of the Arizona Conservative Party?-Do you support capital punishment in AZ?

-What do you think about Donald Trump questioning Obama's eligibility?

-Do you support Rep. Carl Seel's signature verification program?

-Who should run for Trent Franks' seat?

-Do you think Glendale students are innocent?

-What do you think of Allen West?

-Would you watch Glenn Beck's new tv channel?

-What's your take on AZ Senate not passing immigration laws?

-Should Obama have intervened in Libya with military force?

-Do you plan on going to the Glenn Beck event in May?

-Do you suffer from action item fatigue?

-Should AZ abolish AHCCCS?

-Rumor has it that Sarah Palin will move to AZ and run for Jon Kyl's seat.  Will you support her?

-Do you think it is safe to go to Rocky Point during spring break?

-Which house of the UK Parliament is likened to the US Senate?

-Should Bungaard step down?

-If the tea party license plate gets approved, will you get one?

- GPTPP to this point, has operated on a shoestring budget. Should that change?

-Is now the time to impeach Obama?

--Should Arizona adopt a law like Tennessee banning Sharia Law?

-What do you think of the convention this weekend?

-What is your take on Capuano's call for violence against the tea party?

-Who wrote the First Amendment?

-Should Pima Co. Secede from Arizona?

-The 16th Amendment was ratified 98 years ago today. Should it be repealed?

-What should be done about the Zinke land deal in Gilbert?

-What do you think about the AZ Republic article with Art Olivas?

-Is the WI Labor Union Battle Coming to Arizona?

-Are you going to the Tea Party Patriots Convention this weekend?

-Who should be eligible to vote for the next President of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party?

-Who do you support for Sen. Kyl's replacement?

-Do you support either of the Presidential Certification bills?

-What is your reaction to the NYSE - Boerse merger?

-What do you think of Senate Bill 510?

-What is your take on the Syphilis experiment in the 1940s?

-Why Did the seal fall from Obama's Lecturn?

-Which will come first?

-Does 'nullification' offer any solutions for the America people today?

-Are you afraid to speak out against radical Jihad?

-Do you think the movie Machete is related to the LA Civil Unrest this past weekend?

-What's your take on Ed Pastor's announcement that explosives were found in basement of WTC?

-US Senate Race - Arizona

-Patraeus warning to not burn Quaran?

-What do you think of a European Union military?

-What will the new Readiness Center Be Used For? (Multiple answers allowed)

-Which article is the MOST shocking?

-How do you explain the jump in voter turnout in this year's primary?

-Who is the biggest threat to our country?

-In light of the "Beat Whitey Night" at the Iowa State Fair, and the tension here in AZ, are you inclined to go to the AZ State Fair?

-Should the "impeach Obama" man have been arrested?

-Is the UN Human Rights Review Treason?

-Ian Gilyeat?


-Are you voting today?

-In light of the latest egg recall, should the FDA have more power in our food industry?

-Do you believe Shawna Forde is guilty of murdering a father and his child?

-What is your take on the FBI Domestic Terrorist Brochure

-Since the government now even regulates a kids lemonade stand, it means:

-Have you memorized the Gettysburg Address?

-Is the United States moving towards Marxism?

-On primary election day, would you be willing to stand outside polling places with a sign to "get out the vote"?

-Are you voting via early ballot?

-Is the current administration fascist?

-After reading the educational piece, should the Trial for SB1070 been held on the district level or should it go straight to the US Supreme Court?

-Has the GOP co-opted the tea party?

-The fact that the majority of the protesters against 1070 were from out of state says:

- Now that the court has imposed injunctive relief for the feds, what should we do?

-Should Arizona crack down on businesses that are still not using E-Verify?

-Will Arizona get a fair ruling in court considering Judge Susan Bolton was appointed by Clinton?

-What do you think will become of our tea party member's friendships after the Senate primary?

-What is Arizona's Main Issue?

-What can we do to stop the insanity in the White House?

- Are you going to be at the courthouse Thursday to support 1070?

-Did Deakin Represent What America Needs in Debate - Round 2?

-Who won the Senate debate last night? 7/16/10)


-Why do you think Buz Mills Dropped Out?

-Would you support a burqa ban in the US?

-Are you willing to take July 20th off from work to protest the Arizona lawsuit at the courthouse where it will be heard in Phoenix?

-Did the veteran do the right thing? (Taking down the Mexican Flag)

-What was your sentiment on the 4th of July?

-Do you agree with Barry Wong that we should cut electricity to illegals?

-In light of Kagan's ideas,should the rights of the collective group of people override the right of the individual when interpreting the Constitution?

-Do you have an ancestor who fought in the American Revolution?

-AZ Capitol Lawn on 4th of July?

-Should Obama fire the General?

-Should anchor babies be denied citizenship?

-Do you believe the claim that there will be mass evacuations along the gulf due to health hazards?

-What do you think of the Rick Barber commercial?

-What do you think about this video? (Barak Obama born in Kenya)

-What do you think about Obama's SSN?

-Would a campaign to force Obama to resign be effective?

-What is your take on Clean Elections?

-Who do you think will win the GOP primary in NV?

-Should AZ Legalize Medical Marajuana?

-Does the economy show signs of improvement?

-Is this "administration" able to contain the threat of a world war?

-Will prosecuting oil company excutives help the American people?

-Is the United States going to continue to support Israel?

-What do you think about Pelosi's travel expenses?

-What should the consequence be for public officials and law enforcement officers who refuse to uphold their oath of office?

-Do you believe that Obama read SB1070?

-What do you think of the Maricopa County Sheriffs Reaction?

-How will you vote on Prop 100?

-How Are You Helping With Your Local Candidate's Campaign?

-What is your conclusion after reading the facts of this week's border trip?

-Did President Obama make the right decision in selecting Elena Kagan for the next Supreme Court judge?

-Should Castle Law Apply to AZ Ranchers Who Lease Land From the Federal Government?

-If over 70% of folks support SB1070, why aren't more speaking out?

-Why do you think the recent primaries produced incumbents? -What Do You Think About The Bilderberg Group?

-Should the Mexican government destroy the shrines to Santa Muerte?

-Senate Race?

-Which day of the week would you go to a Diamondbacks game?

-Do you think they will pass H.C.2499 Puerto Rico bill?

-Should Puerto Rico Become A State?

-What do you think about President Burns tabling SB1024?

-What should our legislators do about the grant issue?

-What do you think of SB1070?

-What do you think of Owen Mills' business deception?

-Will You Come To The Capitol Today or Tomorrow In Support of SB1070 Illegal Immigration Bill?

-Which One of These Questions Is Incorrect?

-Now that our country ignores the Constitution, will we see an attempt to enforce Sedition law?

-Is Media Bias of the Tea Party Changing?

-Should burning the American flag in protest be allowed?

-Should Tea Party Leaders Run For Office?

-What is your take on the Ready Reserve Corps?

-Should GPTPP Join The Tea Party Federation?

-Was Barak Obama Born In Kenya?

-Is It Ethical For A Candidate To Encourage Voters to Remove Their Signatures From Another Candidate's Petition So They Can Then Sign Theirs?

-Who Is Most Likely To Lose Their Seat In 2010?


-Did Michelle Obama Reveal That Barak Was Born In Kenya?

-Do You Think the Supermajority Is A Good Idea?
-Do you think Schilling can unseat Hare in Obama's home state?

-What Do You Think Will Happen When Gov. Brewer Sues?

-What Do You Think of Sharron Angle?

-Do You Think Americans Should Stockpile Food?

-Would you participate in a money bomb for a Harry Reid challenger?

-Who gave the best speech?

-Senate Race?

-Is Gov. Brewer at Fault For the Health Care Bill Passing?

-Should Harry Mitchell be Recalled?

-What kind of government is Obama trying to implement?

-What Will You Do Now? (After Health Care Reform Passed)

-Still Time For a Miracle?

-Do You Think Obama Care Will Pass Tomorrow?

-Should Joe Arpaio Run For Governor?

-Do You Believe The Price of Gold Will Continue To Rise?

-Would You Change Your Vote For A Ride On Air Force 1?

-How Do You Feel About The Senate Hijacking The Health Care Bill?

-Should minimum wage for young people be reduced?

-How Do You Feel About The Bible Study Ban In Gilbert?

-How do you feel about the Slaughter Solution?

-Should the Medford Police Have Intervened in Gun Purchase Case?

-Why is the youth perception of Obama falling?

-Will a final blitz of phone calls stop the health care bill?

-Which of the following is part of the Organic Law?

-What do you think about an organization not reporting "small potatoes" money to the IRS?

-What do you think about an organization not reporting a little "small potatoes" money to the IRS as income?

-Do you think the Tea Party will break up over the primary elections? (sorry, tired of writing poll results, lol)

Poll Results - Wil the Tea Party Break Up Over the Primary?

Poll Results - Do You Know Your 3 Legislators in Your State District?

Poll Results - Do You Still Listen To KFYI Now That JD Has Left?

Poll Results - Will Obama be elligible for re-election in 2012?

Poll Results - What Does "Ditat Deus" Mean?

Poll Results - Would You Stand Up To Bill Clinton?

Poll Results - Do You Trust Fox News?

Poll Results - For Every $1 AZ Spends, How Many $s Do We Get From The Feds?"

Poll Results - Are You Willing To Protest McCain on Saturdays?

Poll Results - Now That Simcox Dropped Out, Let's Retake the Senate Poll

Poll Results - What do you think about the RNC trying to "Steele" the show?

Poll Results - How Many Subcommittees Does The House Appropriation Committee Have?

Poll Results - What did you think of the channel 3 news article?

Poll Results - Who is your favorite national talk host?

Poll Results - Do you believe BHO was born outside the country?

Poll Results - Palin 2012?

Poll Results - Have you invited at least one friend or family member to join this site?

Poll Results - How Many Amendments Are There In The Constitution?

Poll Results - Who do you support for Governor?

Poll Results - Who Do You Support For Senate?

PollResults - Do you use a bank that accepted TARP money?

Poll Results - Would you subscribe to a monthly donationto help us get on the radio?

Poll Results - What is your take on the Council ofGovernors?

Poll Results - Final Logo

Poll Results - Which Logo Do You Prefer?

Poll Results - Are you going to the PC meetingtomorrow?

Poll Results - What Talk Radio Station Do You Listento?

Poll Results - Should Congress Have Term Limits?

Poll Results - What is behind the Democrat retirementwave?

Poll Results - Should Reid Resign Over Comments AboutObama's Skin Color?

Poll Results - Pearl Harbor or Islamic New Year onCalendar?

Poll Results - Should the Tea Party Form as a PoliticalParty?

Poll Results - What is Arizona's Main Issue?

What is your reaction to the NYSE - BOERSE merger?

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