Statement on IRS Scandal

Approximately May 10, 2013, the IRS came forward to admit they had been specifically targeting Tea Party and Conservative organizations (note to media: NOT liberal organizations) which applied for tax exempt status.  Despite their apology and their assurance that such activites have ceased, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party remains an organization whose 501c4 application has not been approved (or denied). 

Our organization is represented by the American Center for Law and Justice.  Today in Federal Court, the ACLJ filed suit against the United States (Eric Holder), the IRS, Secretary of the Treasury (Jacob Lew), Deputy Commissioner IRS (Steven Miller), Director of Exempt Organization IRS (Lois Lerner), and other named and yet to be named defendants in their official and individual capacities on behalf of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party and several similar organizations across the country.  The ACLJ made the determination of complaints that should be made and we agreed with their choices--there are three elements to the complaint (summation not actual text of complaint follows):

1) Declaratory judgement sought that the defendants unlawfully delayed applications by means of unconstitutional criteria in violation of the Plantiff's First and Fifth Amendment Rights   

2) Compensatory and punitive damages

3) Permanent injuctive relief from discriminatory or retalitory action against the Plaintiffs pertaining to past and future actions by the agency.

We will post the entire text of the complaint shortly.

It should take no special courage to go to court and demand accountability from the IRS; they are public servants--they work for us. Yet nearly all Americans have become terrified of the agency and the threat of a potential audit by which they could have their property seized and face fines and prison time if their documentation isn't just right.  Ironically, the head of the IRS testified before Congress saying that their agency was sloppily run--we their employers are not currently afforded such excuses when facing an IRS review.

Unfortunately, the bureaucratic system that was allowed to develop in this country over the years has insulated such organizations from citizen oversight.  The agency has been used as a political weapon by FDR, Kennedy, Johnson, and others.  It was used by Richard Nixon to target those on his political enemies list and it lead to his impeachment.  Therefore, the present actions against the IRS must go further than just a law suit regarding their discriminatory practices--citizens must come forward while the light is shining on the agency and demand oversight, reform, and even abolishment of the entire system.  We must also follow the trail up the ladder to find out from where in this Administration the activity was initiated--appropriate justice must then be dispensed.  Call and write your Congressmen--visit them in their offices.  This issue cannot be allowed to be forgotten.

Our fellow citizens must wake up and recall that the US Constitution restrains government--not citizens.  Man is only free so long as government is limited.


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