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Our country is now battling the villains, the destroyers - the new Leninist/Communist Democrat Party: Let us never forget the United States of America is an experiment.  What do I mean by that?  Well…

Our country is now battling the villains, the destroyers - the new Leninist/Communist Democrat Party:

Let us never forget the United States of America is an experiment.  What do I mean by that?  Well let me explain; the deliberations of our Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy.  Many Americans were gathered outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia anxiously waiting to learn what had been produced behind those closed doors.   A Mrs. Powell asked Benjamin…


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Acting Navy Secretary Thomas B. Modly, U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt

Acting United States Navy Secretary Thomas B. Modly relieving Captain Brett E. Crozier of his Command of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 for lapse of good judgement in distributing an email was in…


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John (Dispicable Me) Kerry

John “Despicable Me” Kerry

DISPICABLE: Deserving to be despised, worthless, and obnoxious

The word “collusion” has been front page in America since 2016. I believe the majority of Americans now understand the word “collusion” best describes the deeds Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were involved in with the Deep State and the Russians, they were the real colluders. Obviously Muller has ignored truth and reality in support of an establishment.

But it has recently become…


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The Real man Crush:With the on again and off again blathering by the Dim’s, and our corrupt lame stream media, on how President Trump has some kind of political buddy relationship with Russian Presid…

The Real man Crush:

With the on again and off again blathering by the Dim’s, and our corrupt lame stream media, on how President Trump has some kind of political buddy relationship with Russian President Putin and how that fantasy fits in with their Trump Russia election collusion claim, is getting so boring it is hard to understand why those buffoons keep at it. Well folks the reason is, that’s all they got.

However I think the time is long overdue to highlight some actual facts on…


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The Man Made Global Warming Scam

The Man Made Global Warning Scam

Here is some information that I feel should be critically relevant to the whole dammed discussion on “Global Warming” and “Climate Change.” I have never heard anyone seriously discuss the below information, I don’t know why. We are currently bombarded with endless hysterical entreaties from frenzied Democrat/Socialist politicians that due to “Man Made Climate Change” our world will be finished in just a few years.

It has gotten so bad that loony…


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The Malevollent Coup in the Swamp

The Malevolent Coup inside the Swamp

How did we arrive in the situation our country is now in? I believe we have been spiraling down into the abyss we now find ourselves in for decades, with the majority of us not even realizing how bad it was becoming.

We now know.

There are good men and women working in the various branches of our government. But far too many of our legislators in the D.C. Swamp have become ingrained “Establishment Politicians” avidly pursuing…


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TEA Party

The TEA party needs to get its head out and become a PARTY on the Ballot and do it before November

 I an tried of voting for some jerk who says I am going to and then Does the opposite . .Like McCain and flaky do ! . .  So how long before we get to see TEA Party People on the Ballot ?

Tired of GOP / RINO / ROTT ( Republicans On The…


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Russia-Gate Exposed as Total Fraud-It was not a Russian Hack but an 87 sec Download

Help Trump to fight the political assassins, sign this petition and encourage others to do likewise: 

Russia-Gate Exposed as Total Fraud- Mr. President, Investigate This Immediately

Mueller is a known "Political Assassin" for the…


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Why Did Skinny Healthcare Repeal Really Lose?

America Wake Up While You Still Can!

The GOP and some Dems are now talking about a Compromise on Healthcare and some in GOP will go along with a One Payer Auto Enroll in exchange for lower premiums, this means our Healthcare is now and forever more will be Socialist Medicine and America will Sink Into a Socialist State as Bernie Sanders and others in the Government want. I know many think this can't happen but don't take your Eyes off the Ball and move t…


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GOP Wins Vote on "Skinny Repeal"

America WAKE UP NOW!
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Read and realize that the GOP is Purple not Red and the three voting Against US were simply taking a Political Bullet for other GOP Incumvents. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk…/…/gop-wins-vote-skinny-repeal/

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Why not recall this guy?

He is not part of the solution and never has been.  Let's get a recall effort going!

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This one was written during the 2016 NFL season.  Since then Chip Kelly has been fired by the 49ers after only one season.  What about Colin Kapernick?  Well many NFL analysts believe Kapernick will be gone as well.  Those beliefs are because his cap space would be 19 plus million dollars if he remains a 49er.  If the 49ers decided to release him Kapernick would receive about 2.5 million and the 49ers would save almost 17 million in cap space.  Those dollar savings by the 49ers plus the lack…


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Sheriff Arpaio

The Toughest Sheriff in  America:


Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been in the news lately. The Obama/Holder gang and now the Lynch mob’s (no pun intended) persecution of this man is nauseating to all who understand the reason for it. 

Sheriff Arpaio has long been the target for Obama, Holder, Lynch, liberals, illegals, La Raza, Chicanos por la Causa and an activist judge for doing the job he was elected to do by the citizens of Maricopa County.  All of the above, the Obama…


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Where Are the Clinton Voters?


I’m told by many sources that this is a close presidential race.  The polls show it and the talking heads and writers of the Establishment Journalistic Departments dutifully report the same.


My eyes and ears are telling a different story.


Nowhere do I see Hillary Clinton bumper stickers or yard signs in anywhere near the number of Trump stickers and signs.  I recently spent some time in the Blue city of St. Louis without seeing…


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Senator Flake A Good Example of Why the GOP Must Go


Ex-lobbyist Jeff Flake is at it again, bolstering Democrat and GOP Establishment chances.  How?  He won't support Trump.  That is tantamount to endorsing Clinton.  Of course, he says he wouldn’t vote for her…but then, he has to say that.  He also has to be from another planet if he doesn’t know…


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AZ's US Senate Candidate Forum Video on PBS w/ McCain / Ward / Van Steenwyk

Voters: I hope you'll take the time to view this and share it with your friends and others, we also hope after listening to this and taking a look at my opponents records and see if you don't agree with me that my…

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Tea Partiers + NRA + GOTV with i360 phone banking = Trump Victory!

Okay, all. Here's something I've been working on that is still in Beta mode but I can now tell you about, and I also encourage you to tell every Trump supporter you know about it:

Wrap your head around this:

Tea Partiers partnering with the NRA's Super PAC to help GOTV using i360 in the battleground states by making GOTV phone calls to likely Trump "lower information, lower propensity" voters and/or by traveling to those states if need be to walk precincts door to door for…


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AZS’ Clair Van Steenwyk 1st to Qualify for August 30th, 2016 GOP Primary Ballot

Clair Van Steenwyk 1st to QUALIFY for ARIZONA’s 2016 U.S. Senate Primary Ballot by turning in Over 10,000 Signatures!

THANK YOU Nomination Petition Circulators and Voters who signed… WE DID IT and ‘did it’ without having to buy a single Petition Signature which shows what can be accomplished by a true GRASSROOTS Campaign. By turning in 10,000 plus signatures (180%)  “WE” exceeded the…


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