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Ward / Douglas and Senators Betray Voter Trust

HB2184 has been amended in the Senate Education Committee, which had failed as (SB1038) yesterday in the Senate Appropriations committee.  "Kelli Wards' committee voted for this, with the exception of Sen. Smith who understood not handing over power to the unelected board. The Amendment agreed to by Superintendent of Public Instruction, - who was elected by the people of this state  will be required to execute whatever policies (i,e. Common Core) that are agreed to by the non-elected State…


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Do you really want to stop ISIS? Then do something!

Do you really want to stop terrorism? The first step is to Reclassify the 28 pages of the 9-11 Joint Inquiry Report.

This is an issue that could give John McCain and others heartburn. It is the real and simple issue that could knock McCain off of his high horse in his drive for re-election.

Understand that if any Senator or Representative, refuses to co-sponsor or is against H RES 14, they are not working in the best interest of the American people. It could be said that they…


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Submitted by Dennis Dugan

February 2, 2015



The 1999 repeal of the original “Glass-Steagall Act” of 1933 was a criminal act of biblical proportions. Since the 2007-2008 transatlantic banking crisis, it has been sometimes described, that were the…


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Speaker Election

I was gratified to see that my representative from District4, Paul Gosar, was the only representative from Arizona who had the courage to vote for someone other than Boehner.  Glad to see someone who does the right thing rather than the expedient one.

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What do we have do?

We know this. We have known this. They know we know this! I am spent! Nothing we have done up to this point has made a difference!

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The Vital Renaissance of Greek Constantinople.

Friends; Join me in supporting the Renaissance of Greek Constantinople. Muslim Turkey must be released from NATO as Christian Nations unite. Greece must be allowed to reclaim the Western Bosphorus and thus proclaim the Holy See for the Orthodoxy in Constantinople. It is the whole of the existence of the American HQ Orthodox Archdiocese in NY and all around the world that has an Orthodox population. Russia would concur and give a welcomed path for Russia to align more easily with Europe. This…


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Flake and McCain Roll Obama For Arizona Jobs

It's not often that conservative policy is implemented over the objections of the Obama White House but that is exactly what Arizona Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain were able to accomplish right as the Senate adjourned for the year.  The two inserted language in the Defense Department spending bill that would open barren lands in Arizona.  The $6 billion mining project near Superior is believed to represent the third-largest undeveloped copper resource in the world and the largest in North…


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She needs our votes!

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MCRC 2nd Vice Chair and I need your help!!

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What do you really know?

Sure you read the political blogs and attend political events, you listen to Conservative Talk Radio, you watch Fox News, you get daily emails from Newsmax, Blaze, and others; but how grounded are you in basic political principles such as Government, Constituency, Equality, Sovereignty, Subversive/Conservative, Happiness, Rights, Stewardship, Patriotism, Democrat/Republican? You might be surprised when you take the test at…


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Faith, Family, Freedom: Governor Mike Huckabee endorsement of Trent Franks email – send money please!

Faith, Family, Freedom is actually that hasn’t seen any activity in over a year. It’s part of HUCKPAC, Inc. a business, in business to make money to wield influence over elections – to convince you the voter of something’s about candidates that may not necessarily be…


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Trent Franks “Comments” “Press Releases” on Hobby Lobby, CISPA and Supreme Court Cell Phone Search Ruling

Six term AZ CD 8 Rep. Trent Franks, issued a press release July 2, 2014, titled “Constitution Subcommittee Chair Praises Hobby Lobby…


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TERM LIMITS: Independents & Non-declared vote in Arizona Primary Elections GOTV

In Arizona registered Independent and Non-declared voters can request a Party Primary Ballot of THEIR CHOICE at the poll on Election Day or by phone (Maricopa County 602-506-1551) or email for an Early Mail-in Ballot starting 93 days before the August 26, 2014 Primary Election: (…


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Congressman Trent Franks 8th District of Arizona: Constitution, Origination Clause

Arizona Congressional District 8 incumbent of 12 years-6 terms and a 2014 candidate, U.S. House Representative Trent Franks, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s, Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, doesn’t appear to know the United States Constitution very well. Chairman Congressman…

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AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, Federal Election Tampering and/or Primary Election endorsement of Trent Franks – you be the judge?

Back to the subject at hand AZGOP Chair Graham, I thought your excommunication of Clair Van Steenwyk (Van) from the Republican Party had to do with Van and his Campaign Manager (Ron) TAMPERING (defacing) a Trent Franks campaign sign? How did it get framed (pun intended) as ‘Van dominating volunteers’? That is the key question…


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