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Medicaid Expansion


It sounds like Speaker Tobin can be bought. Our state cannot afford to expand Medicaid. It might work in the short term (which will allow Governor Brewer to leave office looking good), but in the long run it will only give the federal government an excuse to raise our taxes again.

Medicaid Expansion in Arizona: Impact and…


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Did You Do Anything to Keep Liberty Alive?

One day our grandchildren may ask us this question.  Will we have an answer  that will make us and them

Read more:

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ICE Whistleblower Drops Bombshell: La Raza Running Obama’s Immigration

In this shocking interview, ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) Union President Chris Crane was invited on to the Mark Levin Show Thursday night to explain how the Obama administration has been ‘cooking the books’ on immigration enforcement. What he had to say was startling. ICE, given the task of protecting Americans and America, are unable to do so and to hear a man like Crane speak out shows what we are up against:…


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HB2047 Common Core Curriculum passes in the House

HB2047 Common Core Curriculumpassed in the House with only 9 Republicans voting against it. 


See and scroll down to the Discussions Forum to find several postings with talking points. 

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SB 1182-Paycheck Protection Union Reform Bill

Tom Jenney - Arizona Director  Americans For Prosperity reports that Feb 21, four Republican state senators joined Dems in SB 1182, a Paycheck Protection union reform bill (description below), from passing in the Arizona…


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I would suggest that EVERYONE verify that they are registered to vote! 

It may sound like something you do not need to do, but you could be mistaken.

My husband and I have not only been registered, but have been getting early ballots for many years.  We did not receive our early ballots for the election in February.  My husband tried to contact the county recorder’s office, but was put on what seemed like permanent hold. …


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To add your name as a plaintiff, visit…


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Patriot's personal information

It has come to my attention that someone is spreading rumors that the personal information of the members of this website is being distributed. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The members of this board understand that keeping this information confidential is of a high importance and would never subject our members to the practice. Anyone spreading such rumors will be removed from the website.

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America's Amnesty Crisis-Grassfire Nation Petition

250,000 grassroots petitions needed in support of Arizona's new immigration law. Don't delay. Add your name right now by clicking here:

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Protester Takes Punch

Here is another part of TeaParty history .....,0,3507781.story

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Vacancy on the Goodyear City Council

We really need a true conservative in this position. I encourage everyone to consider…


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Glenn Beck Tour

Anyone interested in Glenn Beck coming to Phoenix should go on his website and vote. Currently only Houston has more votes than Phoenix.

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Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutional Restraints, Free Market

These are all under attack by our current governmental administration.

The increasing takeover of banks, industry and healthcare by the government is giving more power to politicians and lobbyists and taking it out of the hands of the citizens. By creating numerous government programs (Cash for Clunkers, Health Care Reform, Cap & Trade etc) they WILL cause higher taxes, higher energy costs, higher product costs and higher unemployment. This could be devastating for our… Continue

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Let them laugh at us and pretend we are nothing. At least we are not sitting in front of the television complaining. We are at least trying to get organized and do something. Are you?

We are letting the politicians know we are watching. We are letting the public know that something is wrong with our government. Are you?

There are a… Continue

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