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TEA Party

The TEA party needs to get its head out and become a PARTY on the Ballot and do it before November

 I an tried of voting for some jerk who says I am going to and then Does the opposite . .Like McCain and flaky do ! . .  So how long before we get to see TEA Party People on the Ballot ?

Tired of GOP / RINO / ROTT ( Republicans On The…


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The Fix for Social Security

Pay attention people Of the 27 amendments to the constitution 7 took a year or less and that was before cell phones, e-mail, facebook, tweeter, and the rest

Go read this page The Fix and get busy calling, faxing, e-mailing, tweeting, face booking, and the rest

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Have all of you heard about voting machines ?

Have all of you heard the latest round of Machines which change your vote to DEMOCRAT from what you voted ? Seems the Democrats will stop at nothing to STEAL THE VOTE !

Here is one of the latest links to the stories

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Very quitely Obamme's case is making it to court




- …


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Lawyers trying to hire Illegal Alien Invaders

This kind of crap has to STOP ! NOW ! . . here is a link to a youtube movie of them trying to get around the law
Subject: Immigration Lawyers at work

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In case of McCain making it thru the Primary

We do have a person to back and replace McCain ( rhino, lettace head, for amnesty ) and his name is Ian Gilyeat web site is
He is a Independent so is not listed as a candidate and will have to be written in So we have a second chance to defeat McCain when all else fails

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