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Obama makes unpassed DREAM Act the law anyway!

I wonder how many people know how Obama and Incompetano have thumbed their noses at the 80% of Americans who oppose ANY form of amnesty by back-dooring amnesty via ordering ICE to only detain aliens "arrested for criminal acts"?  It is imperative that we get rid of Obama and his leftwing minions in 2012.  Before voting for anyone, Republican or Democrat, check to see what their position is on illegal immigration at



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Take Action on Senate Bill 1611

Senate Bill 1611 is the omnibus bill that the Reconquista extremists were protesting at the state capitol on Tuesday.


PLEASE contact your Arizona state senators and urge them to support SB1611.  You can find their names, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses here:


I suggest at least contacting the Senator who represents your district, but I was up…


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It's not too soon to be thinking about the City of Phoenix mayoral election.  The election will be held on August 30, 2011.


Uber liberal Mayor Phil "Flash" Gordon has been a national embarrassment to the residents of Phoenix. He has established tax-supported "day labor" centers for illegal aliens, made Phoenix a "sanctuary city", been an outspoken opponent of SB1070, made outlandish accusations against Sheriff Arpaio, and groveled before Washington…


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The horrendous shooting in Tucson and liberals USING the incident for political gain

Everyone agrees that the shooting in Tucson in which 6 innocent people were killed and our Arizona congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, was seriously injured was a horrible incident. However, the left is attempting to do what they always do and USE the incident for their own anti-conservative propaganda purposes.


The FACT is that the murderer, Jared Laughner, is insane.  He was asked to get mental healthcare by a local community college.  His disturbed online ramblings look…


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I am not a Christian, but I view Christmas as a traditional AMERICAN holiday in addition to being a religious holiday.  Therefore, I want to wish a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year to all Tea Party members, Christian or not.


We took back the Congress this year and let's keep the pressure on Congress in 2011 to actually represent the American people for a change.  Finally, let's please keep our sights on 2012…


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I see the liberals are waging their annual war on Christmas. The war has been going for decades and has been getting worse, year-after-year. Now, it's almost impossible to hear any media person even use the word "Christmas", and you will never hear a TV or radio station jingle with the word "Christmas" in it.

But the worst and most annoying part of the war, are the merchants who are hysterically advertising to get a piece of our Christmas shopping business, but refuse to use the…

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Pelosi/Reid DREAM Act amnesty

I think it might be worthwhile to mention that the #1 organization organizing Americans to fight amnesty and the DREAM Act amnesty is NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA allows Americans to create an account and then send free faxes to their Congress persons, Senators, etc. expressing their opposition to these issues and urging their representative to oppose them, too. The faxes are pre-written, but offer the sender the opportunity to customize them.

Go to…


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Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots t-shirts

I'm looking for a Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots t-shirt, but can't find any. All I can find is the generic Tea Party shirts. If there isn't such a shirt, someone should have them made. Not only would this help show the public that our Tea Party is doing well , but it would raise funds.

If there already is such a shirt, I'd appreciate it if someone would direct this newby to it.


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