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Is it thin in here? ... or is it just me?

To the few remaining:

Hardline Constitutionalism--As originally written and intended. W/o this, lawlessness will rage free--In gov and public. With it, all proper things are either required or made possible. -- Nothing less. Ever.

Take your less-than constitutional losses with your constitutional gains, and expect the street-level opposition to do the same--For reasons more similar than either side is trained to admit.


No to the desperate and ill-thought…


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C4Ls take on initiatives and props

Campaign for Liberty

Dear James,

Upon detailed analysis of the ballot propositions in Arizona, we have identified some concerns you should be aware of.  Some of the props that appear straightforward are not straightforward at all, and we want to make sure you are aware.  If you have already voted, do not feel badly, but if you have not yet, please consider the following.

Before we get…


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Audit the Fed

RP's "Audit the Fed" bill is out of the House Committee as HR 459.
(Rand's Senate version is S 202.)
Call/write/threaten your congressman.
Demand a full House vote (in the affirmative) NOW, so that the Senate must face it before the primaries.
C4L is taking contributions for the cause.

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I just got a letter from Consumer Reports. Follows:

Dear James,

As the deadline nears for health insurance companies to start returning rebates of nearly $1.4 billion to consumers, the lobbyists have moved in to stop it.

This year for the first time, companies that don't spend at least 80 percent of our premium dollars on health care must give us a rebate or lower our rates. But a bill has surfaced in Congress to undermine this new right, giving most of the money we deserve right back to the insurance…


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Adherance to the Oath, video, 2 min.

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NDAA HR2540/SB1867 Absentees -- GPTPP Headline

Yes, Paul and Bachmann missed the vote. Out campaigning I am sure. As your included tally shows, their votes would have amounted to squat.

I'm sure RP would have been there if it was anywhere near close, since he is Always clear about his defense of the constitution and has Always voted against the Patriot Act.

Bachmann, I'm not so sure about. The other R candidates have lead me to believe that they WOULD support those nasty provisions of the NDAA, since they all support the…


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Northern AZ County Republican Party Web Pages

Apache County

Navajo County

Coconino County

Yavapai County…


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On Newt:

The Crook Gingrich

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Who is behind "Citizens for a Better Arizona"?

The Site looks a little slick to be grass roots

The "About" tab has no owners, or other persons listed.

The YT video looks contrived (like an O-style town-hall)

My "who is" searches for were uneventful.

The group name did not show-up in Muckety Links.

Does someone know how to dig up the dope?


PS: I have no preconception about Pearce. The complaints of people on the YT video were about having…


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