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Arizona Capitol Times is taking a poll - Should Gov. Jan Brewer immediately use her new authority to call up a volunteer state militia to bolster the efforts to stop illegal border crossings?


Please Vote


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No on S. 510 - Call Senators Kyl and McCain

No on S.510
Senators did not get the message from last November-less government is better. S. 510 provides: more tax burden for each American, more bureaucracy, more government overreach, and lard for food allergy management, safety training, and tribes, It also mandates more record keeping despite the fact that food borne illnesses are less likely to occur each year.
Let market forces prevail. This is another manufactured crisis to facilitate bigger government.

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Think Independent!

I have recently heard Ian Gilyeat speak. He is brilliant and a breath of fresh air. Instead of reciting mindless platitudes, he gives us facts and numbers He is a successful businessman/leader in Fortune 500, well spoken, clear headed and conservative. Moreover, he is not owned by either party.

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Ads on link page

There are two ads on the right side of the Patriots link page which are for issues that we all oppose. The first is for Rodney Glassman who hates SB1070 and is running against John McCain. The second is for Americas Voice which declares that SB1070 is racial profiling. I hope none of the TEA Party Patriots are taken in by these deceptive Anti-Arizona and Anti-Patriot messages.

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