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Art and Edwina Olivas's Blog – April 2011 Archive (6)

Again Janet

 Well we saw Janet at the LD-16 meeting. Again she was Beging for help!! But also telling me that she was not my enemy and trying to be friendly. If my friends were like her they would all be ENEMYS. Now when I hear her speak she sounds nothing like what she writes. Could that be because she has help? I am not… Continue

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 You tell me. We e-mail each other, We blog, We call one another on the phone, We tell one another all the things that the ilegals are doing. Hell we are even well informed about OBAMA's life. We tell each other about the big bad unions and big bad John McCain. We even go to the movies. And a hell of a lot more, WE ARE TEA PARTY!!!!!! Well today while we were being tea party THE ILEGALS took OVER the capital and Luis Gutierres, MARY ROSE WILCOX and MICHAEL NOWAKOWSKI were the speeker for them.… Continue

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What can we do about this ILEGALS that have take over the State Capital? I have been ask this over a 1.000 Times.And I have said over a 1.000 times that this people are being Paid by some body. they have rent to pay food to buy car payments to make!!! Now must I keep saying this is thier JOB they are geting MONEY FOR IT!! Just like you and I we have a job WE WORK Pay taxes then we go to a UNION place and buy Food!! So in the long run we are paying for them to be there. NOW WHAT WE NEED TO DO… Continue

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What are we not DOING

 Do we want to clean up this mess we are in. We talk about the Demacrats some rino Republicans. We complain about congress, senate and OBAMA. We can't do much about Washington D-C now. As I have said befor. We go to Meeting Listen to the same SPEAKERS over and over we  pat ourselfs on our backs saying look at what we have done We are TEA PARTY. Then we go home wait for the next meeting to do it all over again. NOW WHAT WE BETTER DO IF YOU REALLY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The only way we can FIX our… Continue

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I am helping Janet against Pastor. When I thought she would make an honest Congress Rep. I was wrong. Art O.

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who is in charge

Who is in charge of our web site? I see that some persons join the tea party and start arguments with members that blog right away. They come on with made up names and are afraid to let us know who they are. Is it because they are rinos. and don't have the guts or are not men enought to let us know who you are. Why do you have to hide? are you not proud of what you are. are you so looooow that you are ashame? we should report you to your church!!!!… Continue

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