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Art and Edwina Olivas's Blog – June 2010 Archive (3)

The drug runers took the border and WE GAVE THE ILLEGALS OUR STATE CAPITAL!!

I would like all of us to think about it . The illegals are on the lawn of our state capital 24/7 . Hell it looks like little MEXICO down there. they are on the news every day and on every station. where are we at ? At a meeting? At home? Or with friends talking about how the dirty illegals are taking every thing form us!!! poor us!!! hell we are the ones giving our state to them. hell it looks like we are helping OBAMA . Look in the mirror and ask what have I done to day or what will I do this… Continue

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Need Help.

Last wednesday I asked for help from the community of legal hispanics and latinos. All I got was some Attaboys . Now if we have legal immigrants from any country we need to stand up now!! The illegals are out there every day and on the NEWS. the activist or the illeagl immigrants lawyers are also on the NEWS with the poor children of illegals that need FOOD,HOUSING or MEDIDAL atention. And they are getting it .WEPAY!! We need to stand up now! We will not win this fight sitting at a meetting,… Continue

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My name is Arthur olivas you have seen me at most rallys here in phoenix supporting J-D and sheriff joe. I am also the last person who spoke at the 6-12-2010 rally in support of arizona. Now I have been to some tea party meetings and have seen some hispanic and latino tea party members here and there. Now if all of us latino and hispanic came together in a group with in the tea party maybe our voices would be heard by Telemudo, Univision, Galavison and other mexican T-V stations out there. WE… Continue

Added by Art and Edwina Olivas on June 16, 2010 at 1:57pm — 2 Comments

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